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UK jungle sensation Nia Archives lands in Asia for debut tour

Catch the iconic sound of the 24-year-old producer live in Japan, South Korea, Thailand & Singapore

  • Amira Waworuntu
  • 22 September 2023
UK jungle sensation Nia Archives lands in Asia for debut tour

The North of England has proudly nurtured a rising star in the UK jungle scene: 24-year-old Nia Archives. Born in Bradford, raised in Leeds and now calling Manchester home, her musical journey began early as she developed a deep appreciation for genres like dub, breaks, hip hop, reggae and dancehall during her childhood.

Nia was particularly drawn to jungle even before she knew its name, thanks to parties and Carnival experiences. Her grandmother, a fan of afrobeats and jungle, became her early mentor diving even deeper into the sound.

“Jungle’s been around for about 30 years and I feel like there’s a new generation of producers and DJs emerging,” she says.

Mentored through EQ50, a program dedicated to supporting women in jungle and drum 'n' bass, Nia made her debut with the 2021 EP ‘Headz Gone West’, featuring the hit ‘Sober Feels’ which garnered over 7,5 million global Spotify streams.

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The inaugural release marked the beginning of her journey, but her second EP, 2022’s ‘Forbidden Feelingz’, was the one that truly showcased her skills as a producer — her use of minimal vocals led to maximal acclaim from Rolling Stone UK, GQ, British Vogue and more, solidifying her status as a rising star.

She also made history by becoming the first electronic music artist to be named BBC Introducing’s “Artist of the Year”.

Nia also directs and co-directs most of her music videos, imbuing her art with a distinctive DIY aesthetic. Check out the one she did for 'Baianá' below.

The young rising star takes her accolades in stride, focusing on what's next. Her 2023 release ‘Sunrise Bang Ur Head Against Tha Wall’ takes listeners on a sonic journey, reflecting her personal growth and experiences over the past year. With six tracks encapsulating various moods, it offers a glimpse into the evolving artist she aspires to become.

Nia Archives' journey is far from over, and her future shines brightly on the horizon.

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Make sure not to miss highly anticipated sets as she closes September in Asia:
- September 22 at Space Odd (Tokyo, Japan)
- September 23 at Circus (Osaka, Japan)
- September 27 at Cakeshop (Seoul, South Korea)
- September 28 at BEAM (Bangkok, Thailand)
- September 29 at MDLR (Singapore)

Whichever location you’re headed to, get your tickets here.

Follow Nia Archives on Instagram for updates and more information on her upcoming Asia Tour.

Amira Waworuntu is Mixmag Asia’s Managing Editor, follow her on Instagram.

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