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Cercle heads to the Japanese Alps with ZHU

ZHU will play a sunset show as part of Snow Machine

  • Olivia Wycech
  • 25 February 2020
Cercle heads to the Japanese Alps with ZHU

When Cercle debuted in Singapore a few months ago, inquiring minds (us) were dying to know if it was a one-off show or if the brand was making a grand entrance into Asia with its show of epic proportions. Cercle's first-ever Asian live-streaming event took place at the grand Marina Bay Sands with the Martinez Brothers in November.

Soon after, it was announced that Cercle would be heading to Bali with All Day I Dream boss Lee Burridge. The showcase was live-streamed from the brilliant OMNIA Cube in Uluwatu, Bali last month.

Yesterday, Cercle rolled out its next event and will see them head to Japan for the first time ever. From high atop a mountain in Nagano, Cercle has invited ZHU, an American artist of Chinese descent, to perform on a spectacular terrace that overlooks the Iwatake summit and the Japanese Alps. The event will take place on Monday, March 2 at the Hakuba Mountain Harbor (白馬岩岳 Hakuba Iwatake). The party will start at 2pm, which means guests can expect a snowy sunset of epic proportions, with Bag Raiders on opening duties and Running Touch capping it all off.

“Producing a show on top of a mountain always means more as the risks are higher, the weather being so unpredictable,” said Pol Souchier from Cercle. “That being said, the results are also some of the bests shows we've produced so far, when the natural elements are aligned the composition between the music and the magnificence of a sunset on top of a snowy mountain can be breathtaking and induce unique emotions for such a show.”

“It's also harder for the artist and the production team on site as the cold can be harsh on the equipments and the people working on the show. So far, the weather is looking good for Monday, so we can expect a very special show with ZHU on the beautiful Japanese Alps.”

The showcase will be a part of Snow Machine, which begins on March 1. The Japanese festival will takes place on the famous slopes of Nagano, Japan. The part ski and part rave boasts a packed music line-up as well as plenty of other suitably raucous activities and activations. See the full line-up below.

Cercle with ZHU takes place on Monday March 2 at the Hakuba Mountain Harbor. Find more information here.

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