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Berghain bouncer Sven Marquardt exhibits his photography at Berlin Art Week

Working with denim brand G-Star RAW, the famed doorman and artist showcases his depiction of the club scene along with a new clothing collection

  • 19 September 2023
Berghain bouncer Sven Marquardt exhibits his photography at Berlin Art Week

Berghain’s renowned bouncer, Sven Marquardt has showcased a new exhibition with denim brand G-Star RAW at Berlin Art Week.

Also working as a photographer, Marquardt this new show titled 11+1 includes 12 portraits that depict his view of Berlin’s night scene.

Marquardt titled the exhibition 11+1 in reference to the guest list culture and with 11 street casted talents and DJ, Clara Cuvé.

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The portraits have all models - of which were cast by Marquardt - dressed in his new clothing collection curated by himself along with G-Star RAW.

The outfits are one-of-a-kind denim couture pieces which range from a leather-look suit to a chef’s hat

The collection is made up of 26 pieces, all made-to-measure by G-Star RAW’s in-house team of designers.

Sven Marquardt says: “This is my homage to the club culture in Berlin. This is about emotions, about togetherness. There are these moments of intimacy that are so unique and special. And at the same time so elusive. That's what inspires me. That's the vibe that the images tell for me.”

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Gwenda van Vliet, CMO G-Star explains: “Club culture, at its core, is about the uninhibited self-expression without boundaries or regulations. At G-Star we believe that denim serves as the perfect fabric symbolizing democracy in fashion. Our brand was first born from club culture back in the 90’s and we believe it still holds a great versatility which can be shown in how Sven was able to capture our 12 uniquely crafted looks.”

Running last week at Berlin Art Week, the collection is now available to purchase at Voo Store Berlin with prices ranging from €249 (£214.30) to €699 (£601.60).

Check out some of Marquardt’s work below and the clothing for sale here.

Becky Buckle is Mixmag's Multimedia Editor, follow her on Twitter

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