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​BeDJ launches new software Homework giving users a masterclass in DJing

The software is for novice or bedroom DJs looking to further their skills

  • 15 March 2023
​BeDJ launches new software Homework giving users a masterclass in DJing

BeDJ, a new service founded in 2021 to help aspiring DJs develop their skills, has launched a brand new free-to-use software called Homework for the novice or bedroom disc jockey.

Homework teaches you how to DJ by taking users through a mix step-by-step. The specially designed software makes the art of performing simple and concise through easy-to-read instructions.

“The main idea is not only about learning DJing, it’s more about practice,” says CEO and co-founder of BeDJ, Alexey Tirashkiewicz. “What can be easier than playing mixes with a pro DJ standing next to you, giving you advice on what to do next?”

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Homework allows users to choose from a selection of themed or genre-specific playlists and learn to play a set for a preferred place or event, such as beach parties, clubs, or fashion events.

The new software provides beginners with the opportunity to learn and develop skills, and create mixes that sound professional using any DJ software, controller, or deck. Users can find step-by-step instructions on how to mix between tracks by reading ‘sheet music’ with prompts to perform specific actions at timestamped points.

“What is Homework? Homework is like a ‘sheet music’, but for DJs - look at the timestamps, do specified mixing actions and play like a pro DJ,” says Konstantin Wołoskowicz, CMO/Artists Relations and co-founder of BeDJ.

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Since its launch in 2021, BeDJ has seen support from a number of musicians including the likes of Andrew Rayel, D-Nox, Tony McGuinness, Tenishia and DJ Glen.

“Even though I’ve been DJing for a lifetime, I’m still keen to learn tricks and techniques from other DJs,” says legendary trance DJ Tony McGuinness. “BeDJ is the first step-by-step teaching aid that breaks down the often subtle steps that make up a good transition.”

Find out more about Homework here, and watch a video of the new software in action below.

Gemma Ross is Mixmag's Editorial Assistant, follow her on Twitter

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