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Banksia releases new Zambian-meets-UK EP, 'Tala'

The record is available via his own imprint Ordinary Pleasures

  • 29 April 2024
Banksia releases new Zambian-meets-UK EP, 'Tala'

Banksia has shared his new EP, 'Tala', via his label Ordinary Pleasures.

The two tracker interweaves his multiple locational and sonic influences; memories of early life in Zambia are reminiscent through wood and metal percussive sounds, and his later life experiences in both Manchester and San Francisco are evident through elements of electronica, house, techno, jazz, disco, soul and even classical.

Think hypnotic repetitions of melodies, metallic chords and vocal calls, jittering beats and marimba, mbira and kalimba instruments.

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"Immersing myself in the UK’s vibrant underground music scene, particularly in Manchester and Hackney, has reshaped my approach, infusing my sound with a raw energy and innovative spirit I'd never known previously," Banksia explains. "This EP largely grew from time spent at The Warehouse Project, in a mate's studio and walking around Hackney, and going to UK clubs like Corsica Studios, fabric, Phonox, and Village Underground.

"I wanted it to reflect my passion for that scene - it was my interpretation of growing up as an underground music lover first and DJ/producer second. I have always loved to push the boundaries, and I tried to do that with this EP. I focused on keeping the production simple but effective. I think both tracks have such diversity and reflect my passion for open formats of music.

"With ‘Sonore’, the layers of percussive melodies are reminiscent of the mbira instrument, reminding me of growing up in Southern Africa before moving to the States to study. I like to challenge myself and how I develop my sound over time, just like my influences such as Floating Points, Four Tet, Actress, Jessy Lanza, TSHA, and Avalon Emerson did and are continuing to do."

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‘Tala’ is out now via Ordinary Pleasures. Check it out here or below.

Niamh Ingram is Mixmag's Weekend Editor, follow her on Instagram

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