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Bamboo Scenes leads an all-Asian female NFT exhibition in the metaverse

The Hong Kong based gallery pushes for a gender-balanced future

  • Adrianna Cheung
  • 15 April 2022
Bamboo Scenes leads an all-Asian female NFT exhibition in the metaverse

Hong Kong gallery Bamboo Scenes is holding an exhibition titled A Woman’s World, showcasing NFT art by local female artists only.

In collaboration with cyber architectural firm Oncyber, the exhibition would be the first exhibition in Hong Kong, and Asia, to exclusively showcase NFTs by the city’s female artists who have been handpicked by the gallery.

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With strict social distancing and COVID regulations still in place in Hong Kong, it only made sense for local gallery Bamboo Scenes to showcase artworks through an immersive virtual gallery in the metaverse. Visitors can see the pieces up close via their computer or mobile devices, the exhibition also supports the use of virtual reality devices.

The concept behind A Woman’s World was developed naturally out of Women's History Month in March.

Speaking to Mixmag Asia, the founder of Bamboo scene Madelon de Grave says, “As a Hong Kong-based female-led brand, we felt it was a great opportunity to showcase not only artistic power in Hong Kong as we have been doing since 2017 but also exceptional female artists. At the moment, the majority of NFT artists are still predominantly male. And although we feel Web3 is a very welcoming space for both males and females, we did feel it was needed to offer this global stage for female artists who are doing something special.”

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The show gathers works by four outstanding local female artists including Sharmaine Kwan, Vivien, Claudia Chanhoi, and Payal Shah, all of whom have forged their own successful career in art and are now moving into the world of NFTs.

Bamboo Scenes was founded by Madelon de Grave in 2017. It is a Hong Kong-based curator of exceptional local photography with the intention of sharing the story of art and the artist, and bringing these to the global art enthusiasts.

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With that purpose, NFTs and art in Web3 would be a natural fit for the Hong Kong-based gallery. Particularly during times where travel and events are restricted, the metaverse offers limitless opportunities to new creators, curators, and collectors, offering a completely new way of experiencing art.

“Although we do believe physical art is still here to stay for a good amount of time, with the increasing number of Metaverse projects - we do believe the way we experience art and the internet will change. New forms of art are emerging almost every day. From static experiences to dynamic artworks ( can now even consider adding sounds to your Art NFTs and then own it!). We haven't seen so much creativity emerge in such a relatively short period of time - and the traditional art industry is being disrupted. It's exciting.”

A Woman’s World which takes place from now until 30 April, you can find out more here, and you can follow Bamboo Scenes here.

Adrianna Cheung is Mixmag Asia's Asia Culture Curator, follow her on Instagram.

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