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Club Cosmic aims to explore celestial sounds with an Asian twist

Bad Times Disco’s upcoming event aims to explore cosmic realms through an all-Asian line-up

  • Amira Waworuntu
  • 27 October 2023
Club Cosmic aims to explore celestial sounds with an Asian twist

Hong Kong’s Bad Times Disco (BTD) collective is gearing up for its first-ever Club Cosmic event on November 18 at a secret location in the New Territories.

Club Cosmic offers two distinct environments for your enjoyment; the main room boasts an all-Asian line-up, providing an Asian twist towards “Cosmic Sound”, while in the chill room, you can immerse yourself in art and engaging activities while listening to downtempo and trippy sets.

Custom lighting installations and captivating artwork decorating the event are bound to transport attendees to otherworldly dimensions.

Need to catch a ride from Central? No worries — an optional bus shuttle service will ensure you reach the venue hassle-free.

In their Substack post Cosmic Dispatch #1, BTD delves into the rich history and evolution of Cosmic Sound, crediting Italian DJ Daniele Baldelli as one of its pioneers.

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In April 1979, the 'Cosmic' club opened in Lake Garda, Italy, providing Baldelli with a platform to experiment with his music. He then spearheaded a unique style by slowing down disco records well below 120 BPM after discovering the ideal speed by trial and error.

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Considered to be a landmark event in Hong Kong's electronic music scene, BTD’s Club Cosmic aims to explore the realms of celestial sound and style through an entirely Asian perspective.

At the sonic helm of the first-ever Club Cosmic event are New Delhi’s Nishant Mittal aka Digging in India, Ani Phoebe (Bad Times Disco), WOON (Acadana), Vence (VG+) and DMK (Bad Times Disco), who will redefine the sound through their own records and distinct experiences with a heavy dose of Asian flavour.

Passes to BTD’s Club Cosmic event available here.

Amira Waworuntu is Mixmag Asia’s Managing Editor, follow her on Instagram.

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