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Audio Asia: tripped-out adventures on Sau Poler's 'Gabagool'

Mule Musiq delivering the subterranean fire yet again

  • Patrizio Cavaliere
  • 8 October 2020
Audio Asia: tripped-out adventures on Sau Poler's 'Gabagool'

You have to hand it to Tokyo-based Mule Musiq. When it comes to well-crafted, deeply textured electronic sounds, there are few labels operating on earth today who can boast a more consistent and fabulously curated release schedule than Toshiya Kawasaki's revered imprint.

In advance of hotly anticipated releases from both Fantastic Man and Tornado Wallace in the coming weeks, Mule have dropped on us yet another deep house bomb in the form of Sau Poler's 'Blooms' EP. The Barcelona-based DJ and producer has been in terrific form of late, with wonderful releases on Nitsa Traxx and Cin Cin piquing the interest of the Mule A&R team – so much so that they offered a home for his latest cultured offering.

The four-track collection is as varied as it is expertly constructed. The mid-tempo jam of title track 'Blooms' chugs over a rolling breakbeat, atmospherics abound as the deep bass opens and closes, and infinite textures and choral samples add to the mood. 'Modulor7' raises the energy levels, but the menacing atmosphere remains. The hypnotic beat drives the groove, acid layers and dub effects permeate while relentless pitched percussion adds tension. The sparsely populated horizons of 'Strange Lands' leave ample room for its growling bass to take centre stage. Synth effects fill the empty space as crisp percussion enlivens the cut.

Our pick from a distinguished collection is the intoxicating groove of EP opener 'Gabagool'. Sitting somewhere between deep house and breaks, the solid drums bump as endless psychedelic components interplay to create a four-dimensional sonic landscape. At once haunting and strangely uplifting, the air fills with haze, and before we know it, we've lost six mesmerising minutes to transcendent dance. This is spectacularly good, and the word on the street is that an album will follow from Poler on the label sometime this winter. Most certainly one to keep an eye out for!

Sau Poler 'Blooms' EP is out now on Mule Musiq. You can buy it here

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