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Audio Asia: Sanjay takes us on spiritual journey in 'Dive'

The single delves into Sanjay's experiences with the Huni Kuni & plant-based medicines


  • Winston West
  • 11 June 2021
Audio Asia: Sanjay takes us on spiritual journey in 'Dive'

Title: Dive
Artist: Sanjay
Label: Purple Condor Records
Release Date: February 26, 2021

US multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter and producer Sanjay has been on a spiritual journey as of late. His direction has been guided under the concept of music is medicine, which is reflected in his productions, visual components and altruism. But Sanjay did not arrive at this vision overnight. As the son of Indian migrants, he spent his formative years travelling the globe and taking in the teachings from Native American groups in the USA, indigenous tribes in the Amazon rainforest, and the gypsies of Rajasthan in India. Over time, Sanjay worked to infuse these lessons of joy and celebration of life with his passion for music. The spiritual properties and healing potential of plants as medicine also played a part in his liberation and personal transformation as an artist.

'Dive' finds the artist locked in with these philosophies. The roots run deep, and this is on full display throughout the track. 'Dive' could best be described as a convergence point of transcendent vocals, tribal rhythms and experimental electronica. The single is short but sweet, clocking in at just under 2:30 while providing the listener enough to be captivated. 'Dive' is built around a vibrant acid synth lead and chunky bassline. The drums fill out the edges without distracting from the lead elements. A ceremonial chant opens the single before breaking into Sanjay's own hypnotic vocal line 'Dive in deep to the darkness'. The single aims to capture the deeply spiritual experience of taking part in a plant medicine ceremony.

“My spiritual teacher told me, 'Dive in deep to the darkness' when he was teaching me meditation. I wanted to pay homage to him for my lessons but the song ended up turning into much more", explains Sanjay. "I went in, to go through and come out the other side. That’s what the lyrics of the song are about. Don’t be afraid to go within and see what you find. Understand your darkness and fill it with light.”

The single has been raising funds that will be used to finance a solar power installation for the Huni Kuni people in the Amazon rainforest via the BOA Foundation. The visuals which accompany the release feature actress Oona Chaplin and Ninawa Pai Da Mata, the Huni Kuni's spiritual leader. The visuals show Chaplin taking a journey of self-discovery, as the Huni Kuni spirit guide appears in a full traditional outfit and face paint to act as her guide on this spiritual journey. California's Joshua Tree desert plays a backdrop to the stunning visuals, and the video pays homage to the type of inner peace that can be achieved through these traditional rituals. Sanjay has crafted a musical project with a purpose, one that can be enjoyed whether moving on the dance floor or laying under the starlight.

'Dive' is available for purchase via Beatport with an extended version of the single accompanying the radio version on the EP. The extended version features a longer intro more suited to DJ mixing with additional guitar riffs added in. You can grab your copy of 'Dive' here

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