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Audio Asia: Que Sakamoto & NT fuse Kabuki samples with powerful breaks in ‘Murasaki’

Part of the Keyi Magazine charity compilation, the track instils a strong presence of Japanese identity


  • 29 June 2023
Audio Asia: Que Sakamoto & NT fuse Kabuki samples with powerful breaks in ‘Murasaki’

Title: Murasaki
Artist: Que Sakamoto & NT
Label: Keyi Records
Release Date: 29 June 2023

Que Sakamoto and NT join forces once again for ‘Murasaki’; an ethereal composition that emphasises the majestic sound of the East, perfectly merged with modern sensibilities. It comes as part of the 44-track Keyi Magazine charity compilation whose proceeds will go to The White Helmets and Germany's Welthungerhilfe organisation.

‘Murasaki’ translates to purple in English and represents the colour of the noble Wisteria flower that symbolises Japanese women.

Known for his effortless ability to sample oddities across any and all genres, Sakamoto — along with his sound engineer-slash-musical partner NT — presents over six minutes of psychedelic nuances, soaring tones plus a philosophical theme that instil a strong presence of Japanese identity.

The track cements the duo’s knack for off-kilter compositions with an intro that lures you in with scattered beats and otherworldly vocal echoes before transforming into a breaks-filled number.

Just as listeners become accustomed to the constant beats, ‘Murasaki’ takes a different direction around its midpoint, presenting a brief, ambient breathing space that silences the instrumentation while elevating the dramatic feel of the track…all before recommencing its addictingly percussive breaks.

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Sakamoto explains that the vocal samples in ‘Murasaki’ are actually taken from a verse in a Kabuki (traditional Japanese drama) titled Fuji Musume, which translates to The Wisteria Maiden — “A song about a gentle and lovely Japanese woman,” he adds.

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The haunting vocals paired with powerful breakbeats is said to symbolise the kind and loving nature of the women of Japan, while also serving as a sonic portrayal of their strength in the modern age.

“We are Japanese and want to give listeners a taste of our national identity via our productions,” Sakamoto emphasises to Mixmag Asia.

Listen to Que Sakamoto & NT ‘Murasaki’ below:

Purchase the complete Keyi Magazine Charity Compilation 2023 here.

Amira Waworuntu is Mixmag Asia’s Managing Editor, follow her on Instagram.

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