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Audio Asia: MY Connected Records graces us with Nazarud’s trademark style of melodic techno

The Malaysian native exudes emotion via his trio of tracks in ‘Renung EP’


  • Amira Waworuntu | In partnership with PIONEER DJ
  • 30 May 2022
Audio Asia: MY Connected Records graces us with Nazarud’s trademark style of melodic techno

Nazarud is one of Malaysia’s most in-demand producers, and his latest release is a testament towards the music scene’s interest in his talent. The newly-released ‘Renung EP’ brings forth a display of emotive melodic techno synonymous with his name, with three individual tracks that each have their own story to tell.

The title track ‘Renung’, which comes from the Malay word that roughly translates into “contemplation”, ushers listeners into a pensive state of mind with its low-key epicness. The six-minute composition starts off with a constant beat that slowly builds up and is added onto with other audible elements. It leads audiences to a delicate-yet-climactic ending, with subtle, atmospheric melodies accompanying the track’s play on beats.

‘Lockdown’ features a collaboration with Kuala Lumpur’s singer-songwriter Tizzy, whose airy yet powerful vocals harmonize with the track’s dynamic cadence and resounding melodic synths. It brings back a nostalgic feeling of those dance floor anthems that not only get people swaying but also singing in musical ecstasy.

Nazarud’s third production ‘Jendela’, which translates into “window”, is a five-minute composition that’s bound to stimulate the senses with its steady thumps and uplifting notes that sustain the track’s mood. Leading towards the midpoint mark, we’re presented with a breezy, fine synth line that gradually builds up before finally breaking off with the anticipated return of the track’s uncompromising beats and hypnotic pulsations of higher frequencies.

Released under the Kuala Lumpur-based imprint ‘MY Connected Records’, this EP emotes a range of tones and levels that would be the perfect accompaniment to your next sunset session… or simply (as the title suggests) for contemplating in your room.

The label serves listeners an assortment of deep and grooving, bass-heavy house to energetic, dance-floor-igniting melodic techno. Expect to come across the occasional leftfield number and even some dark and moody driving techno. Now with their own international platform, MY Connected Records continue to share their vision of house and techno while picking up support and accolades from around the world thanks to its collection of exciting dance floor-focused material.

‘Renung EP’ by Nazarud is available for purchase via Beatport here.

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