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Audio Asia: Gam3 sends a powerful message with new release 'Vilupt'

The Delhi-based artist addresses the subject of climate change in this brooding EP


  • Patrizio Cavaliere | Powered by Pioneer DJ
  • 5 November 2020
Audio Asia: Gam3 sends a powerful message with new release 'Vilupt'

Title: Vilupt EP
Artist: Gam3
Label: Runemark Records
Release Date: Out now

After catching our attention with July's 'Horizon' release on the Progressive Dreamers label, Delhi-based artist Gam3 makes a quick return with another sparkling effort, this time coming courtesy of Ten Walls' Runemark Records.

On his 'Vilupt' EP, Gam3 hopes to use his music to send a timely message to the world on the essential subject of the protection of our planet. “Vilupt is a Hindi word which means extinction.” he told Mixmag Asia. “If something which has come into existence will one day be endangered – as the climate change is making few animal species extinct – if we humans didn't do something about it we will also be extinct too as a result of our own actions.” The immersive melodies of the title track take us on a dream-like journey through the emotions. Evolving gently, layers intertwine before building over a dramatic breakdown and powering back into life as the drums re-appear. Though (given the subject matter) there's a tangible sense of melancholy, the music leaves us feeling hopeful and inspired.

Label boss Mario Basanov is capable of producing hugely varied styles and sounds, and here dons his Ten Walls hat to provide a typically refined and melodically-infused remix of 'Vilupt'. In this respectful rework, he makes the most of the synth parts while adding his own flourishes, with the introduction of a fizzing ride cymbal bringing an urgent feel to the track. Also called in to remix 'Vilupt' is label regular Teologen. According to the artist himself, this is his most experimental remix to date. The driving version has a deep, brooding feel, again making use of Gam3's original synth parts while offering a subtly alternative and rhythm-heavy interpretation.

Finally, 'Prapti' (Hindi for attainment) sees Gam3 in uncompromising mood. Here the vibe is a few shades darker, with stripped parts making full use of space as growling bass and haunting pads build the tension.

This is a tight package from Gam3 and sure to appeal to lovers of the more melodic and progressive end of the tech spectrum. Perhaps his highest profile outing so far, 'Vilupt' looks set to generate some much-deserved heat for the steadily rising artist.

Gam3 'Vilupt' is out now on Runemark Records, you can buy it here

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