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Audio Asia: Gam3 sets our sights on Delhi and its 'Horizon'

The latest release comes to us courtesy of Progressive Dreamers


  • Winston West
  • 19 August 2020
Audio Asia: Gam3 sets our sights on Delhi and its 'Horizon'

Title: Horizon
Artist: Gam3
Label: Progressive Dreamers
Release Date: July 30th, 2020

Delhi-based artist Gam3 has jumped on our radar with his newest release 'Horizon' via Progressive Dreamers. After releases on Krafted Underground, Gate Limited and Melodic deep, Gam3 has returned with his best work to date. With a sound based in the realm of melodic house and techno, this latest offering should fit nicely alongside the rest of his catalogue.

'Horizon's' first half takes the form of a scenic drive, maintaining a steady trajectory as it takes shape in different directions, curving like a highway with every added chord or melody. Gam3 lends his own vocals to the track, with a smokey and altered presentation reminiscent of Röyksopp 'Sordid Affair', albeit darker in tone. The track maintains weaving subtleness until the drop where a variety of sharp chord progressions begin to aggressively cut their way back and forth across the ensemble. Moments later a progressive synthesizer takes over like highway lights coming into focus on the midnight 'Horizon', the track shifts into fifth gear and it's a full paced haul back towards the city centre. The smokey syncopation of synthesisers is definitely the highlight.

The Horizon EP comes with the lead single and accompanying remix done by Russian based DJ/producer Two Sins. The remix works as a progressive atmospheric interpretation by adding fluidity with additional toms and drums.

Progressive Dreamers started as a promotional platform for sharing music across India but the interest level quickly exceeded their platform's ability to share all the content. Now active as a record label, Progressive Dreamers Records supports local DJs and producers and showcases the best of progressive house and melodic techno artists across India.

'Horizon' is available for purchase via Beatport here

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