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Audio Asia: Cold Faith explores our unattainable desires in 'Crying For The Moon'

​The debut EP delivers 4 tracks of vehemence to the background of cyberpunk club sounds


  • 24 November 2020
Audio Asia: Cold Faith explores our unattainable desires in 'Crying For The Moon'

Title: Crying for the moon
Artist: Cold Faith
Label: Independent release
Release: Out now

Japanese multi-instrumentalist Cold Faith has finally dropped his intriguing debut EP in the form of 'Crying For The Moon'. The title is borrowed from a 16th-century British expression meaning to ask for what is impossible. The EP is a mix of emotions and rhythms featuring unique combinations of industrial percussion, ambient synth progressions and eerie vocals that deliver music with a message. The four-track project is highlighted by music that explores the darker corners of the world and aims to shine a light on some of the horrors that are taking place.

The EP went through some difficult development stages, with Cold Faith emerging from the remains of a previous project titled The Theory for Our Revenge, a project which focussed on crossing over different mediums of art. But after his partner Jhas had to leave the project to focus on work, Cold Faith was sprung as a solo project. Following a signing with a Hamburg-based label and subsequent legal dispute resulting in the return of the copyrights to Cold Faith, the artist decided to independently drop the project. The four tracks compiling 'Crying For The Moon' follow different inspiration patterns as a result of the timing of their creation. The songs 'Crying For The Moon' and 'Arachne And Narcissus' were inspired by the news of the Boko Haram sex trafficking ring out of Nigeria as well as the persecution of the Rohingya refugees in Myanmar. Meanwhile, 'Oboro' was reworked as it was originally released via The Theory for Our Revenge.

The title track 'Crying For The Moon' encapsulates the project immaculately. It's a perfect example of the emotive expression and ghostly vocals which are recurring themes throughout the EP. The single sounds something like you might expect to hear in a club scene from Blade Runner or Ghost In The Shell, the inspiration drawn from cyberpunk and anime is clear without any visual reference being provided. It is a dark and edgy release, overflowing with Cold Faith's signature experimental sound but offering just enough in the way of a melody to captivate an audience.

'Looks Good On Paper' follows a different path, incorporating different output levels and Samurai inspired elements. The production here follows tight arrangement with a sharp stylistic element to it. 'Arachne and Narcissus' takes the listener on a different path. The dark overtones bob and weave over a rhythm reminiscent of a 45 bpm record being played at the wrong speed.

Cold Faith has crafted something extremely unique here. This lends itself to his own admittance that the project has no musical influences and therefore no reference for the experimental sounds contained within. The result is an experimental project that will deeply resonate with some listeners while polarizing others.

'Crying For The Moon' is available on all platforms here

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