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Audio Asia: Bangkok's Wong Echo drops diverse debut LP

The talented selector surfs genres on nine track album


  • Patrizio Cavaliere
  • 13 February 2020
Audio Asia: Bangkok's Wong Echo drops diverse debut LP

Wong Echo is the new nom de plume of refined selector and Bangkok native Chote Kaewyanurak.

Following an extended stay in Berlin, Chote returned to his beloved home town full of ideas and inspiration. On this, his debut LP, he delivers nine cuts ranging in style and tone from ambient textures on title track 'Purity', the rave-infused breaks of 'Adventures In The Margin Of Error', through to low slung dream house on our pick 'What I Want Is To Never See It Again'.

The reverb-heavy synth melody dances over a smokey drum track, pads slowly open and close as a playful counterpoint teases in the distance. Harmonically rich and textured, this is an excellent debut effort as Wong Echo. Definitely one to watch.

Have a listen to 'What I Want Is To Never See You Again' below:

Wong Echo 'Purity LP' is out now on Forever 24 Records. Buy it here.

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