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Audio Asia: Binh serves up some acid funk on 'Mandarine'

The producer serves up a typically tight three-tracker on Japan's Cabaret Recordings


  • Patrizio Cavaliere
  • 6 February 2020
Audio Asia: Binh serves up some acid funk on 'Mandarine'

Title: Mandarine
Artist: Binh
Label: Cabaret Records
Release: January 29

For his third outing on Japan's Cabaret Recordings, Berlin-based Binh delivers a floor-friendly three-track EP of stripped, atmospheric deep techno cuts. Known as a DJ with a refined ear, a thirst for digging and a laid-back approach to promotion, Binh extends his refined sound to his tight production output, and this EP is no exception.

Title track 'Mandarine' is our pick. A driving 909 rhythm provides the bed for the hypnotically evolving acid synth. The track dips and grooves – subtle yet driving – and is crisply produced for maximum club impact. The entire record has a retro, analogue feel, informed by the work of early pioneers such as Joey Beltram, or the Harthouse Records family.

Have a listen to 'Mandarine' below:

Binh 'Mandarine EP' is out now on Cabaret Recordings. Buy it here.