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Atsushi Yano journeys deep into rhythm

Lively four-tracker from the talented Japanese producer

  • Patrizio Cavaliere
  • 6 July 2020
Atsushi Yano journeys deep into rhythm

Japanese producer Atsushi Yano returns to Omena Records with an excellent four-track EP of eccentric deep house cuts.

With his latest offering representing his sixth release since 2004, it's fair to say that Yano prioritises quality over quantity. However, counting labels such as Let's Play House, Airtight, Ignoma, and Nang as homes for his work, his music leaves us in no doubt about its calibre. His sound ranges in tone from pounding techno to spaced-out jazz breaks, and is always endowed with an intelligent complexity of rhythm. His high-level productions have caught the attention of the likes of Jacques Renault, Ben Simms, Red Greg and J-Kriv, all of whom he counts as fans.

Here he presents his second release for Swedish label Omena, following on from his 2017 'Rottie Bites' EP.

Opening track 'Sun Pearl' is a vibrant expedition into poly-rhythms, Afro beats and samba drums collide with sinister sub-bass on this dance-floor destroyer. 'Humming Bird' is a loose, deep house jam that brims with good-time feeling, with jazzy chords, vocal chants and skippy drums adding to the summertime vibes. 'Bracken Fern' sees horns, flutes and plucked guitar join the bounce on another effortless groove, while 'Side Effect' strips back the drums to a straight-up disco beat, as it's hypnotic Yoruba vocal marches in the distance before enormous Rhodes chords explode into the empty space.

Atsushi Yano 'Whole Rotta Love' is out now on Omena. You can buy it here