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Anjunabeats partners up with MIT through the power of music, art & sustainability

A Gorge Weekender experiment comes together with findings revealed September 21

  • Miki Kitasako
  • 20 September 2022
Anjunabeats partners up with MIT through the power of music, art & sustainability

Over the past year we’ve seen Above & Beyond’s initiatives in raising awareness for sustainability for Mother Earth while simultaneously diving further into their mission with their label Anjunabeats. This Wednesday, September 21, along with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Anjunabeats will be sharing their report on ‘Empowerment in Climate Action: Lessons from the Weekender’.

Over the past couple of months a study has been brewing between Anjunabeats, Above & Beyond, Norhan Magdy Bahomi (aka Nourey) and MIT’s Environmental Solutions Initiative (ESI). This study looks to explore and create awareness towards climate change and being sustainably conscious through the influence of the electronic music scene.

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Anjunabeats artist and MIT Ph.D. student Nourney has taken over the reins for this project at Above & Beyond’s Gorge Weekender event that happened over the summer. The project involved an AR Art Wall which is said to provide a learning opportunity for the awareness of global issues as music events provide a huge avenue for change.

“Bringing science into the heart of a music experience is not only a powerful way in which to engage people on the challenges of climate change but also inspires the potential for transformation. Anjunabeats has been a leader on these issues and MIT has deep expertise and engagement activities on climate change and many other environmental challenges,” explained Professor John E. Fernandez, head of MIT’s ESI program.

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Since this collaboration started in 2021, Anjunabeats has also taken the stance to understand more about the climate footprint for their own shows, especially for production and operations. Some of the steps they have taken include setting up an Anjuna sustainability rider, having a sustainability and environment officer onsite, incorporating the Anjuna Fund, generating power from low-carbon sources such as wind and hydro plus many more.

With young adults in the hundreds of thousands traveling the globe to attend music festivals, these events become the perfect avenue to educate future generations. It may not make significant changes today, but it will in the years to come. Mother Earth has regained some of her roots while we were stuck indoors over the past two years, but now that we’re back out, we need to push for a greener future.

Tune in this September 21 (16:30 BST / 11:30 EST) for the live-streamed event by Anjunabeats and MIT via Zoom or Twitch for the findings from the Gorge Weekender.

Miki Kitasako is Mixmag Asia’s Social Media and Content Producer, follow her on LinkedIn.

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