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AMSynths to release Roland clone DIODE-01, a new Eurorack module

The DIODE-01 mimics the Roland System 101 synthesiser module

  • 29 September 2023
AMSynths to release Roland clone DIODE-01, a new Eurorack module

AMSynths has announced that the prototype of the DIODE-01, its new Eurorack module that accurately replicates features of the Roland System 101, will be ready in October.

The DIODE-01 will combine the Roland System 101, which was famous for its diode ladder filter and organic, furry sound, with extra features of the 102, including ring modulation and sample and hold (S&H) modulation.

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The design and layout of the DIODE-01 replicates the Roland System 101 to a tee, albeit without a keyboard or associated control panel.

There is an ADSR envelope and LFO, as well as the S&H from the 102, on the left. Moving rightwards there are large four waveform oscillator sections and pitch and range control with various modulations. Further along the rack lies an audio mixer, complete with the noise generator from the 101 and ring modulation from the 102. All of this goes into the eponymous high and low-pass diode filter. Finally, at the end of the wide Eurorack module, there is a voltage-controlled amplifier.

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AMSynths is a small synthesiser manufacturing company that is run by Rob Keeble. Keeble, who built his first analog synthesiser in 1975, was trained in electronic engineering at University of Essex. The retired IT professional describes the company's mission as making synths "more analog than analog".

The West-Sussex based synthesiser manufacturing company will be showcasing their latest innovation at Synth Fest 2023 in Sheffield. Synth Fest will hold exhibitions, seminars and demos at the Octagon on October 7. Other exhibitors at the festival include Ableton, Focusrite, Moog, Novation and Yamaha.

You can buy tickets for Synth Fest 2023 for the first viewing of the DIODE-01 prototype here.

Tibor Heskett is Mixmag's Digital Intern, follow him on Twitter.

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