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6 reasons why Sunny Side Up is Asia’s best beachfront festival

Sun-drenched beaches, an iconic beach club, Disclosure & more

  • Mixmag Asia Staff
  • 8 August 2016
6 reasons why Sunny Side Up is Asia’s best beachfront festival

Just in case you needed another reason to head to Bali this summer, let us give you a few more. Introducing Sunny Side Up Tropical Festival, Bali’s boutique beachside festival that came under our radar and now we can’t stop thinking about it. We’re so excited, let us tell you why.

Potato Head Beach Club

Potato Head Beach is probably one of Bali’s most iconic sunset spots, especially by the plethora of celebrities forever instagramming their experience, best enjoyed sipping one of their sublime cocktails from the infinity pool overlooking the sea just meters away. Both the exterior façade and the interior deco is all together chic yet retro and artsy, and when combined with a compelling cocktail list and carefully curated musical programming, Potato Head Beach Club is a must-see for anyone heading to Bali even if there wasn’t a top notch music festival happening. The club was also named one of the world’s best vacation spots by Conde Nast Traveller; making the entire Potato Head experience a trending topic in Asia.

Location, location, location

Occupying a prestigious stretch of white sand beach, Potato Head Beach Club provides options for festivalgoers that includes a whole lot more than just dancing. In fact, why not enjoy the festival from the sea? Or from the pool? Or from your daybed? Get your sun on, or your surf on, and stay for one the club's otherworldly sunsets before dancing the night away under the stars with sand between your toes. Yes, this is the festival of your dreams.

Katamama Hotel

Bali’s has heaps of stunning accommodations and villas but for the first year ever, there are onsite accommodations for festivalgoers. Katamama is the latest addition to the Potato Head family and it looks out over the beach club. The artisanal boutique hotel just opened a few weeks ago and is the stuff a designer’s dreams are made of. Everything in the hotel right down to the bricks that make up its foundation is either handmade or handpicked. The hotel's striking design blends traditional Balinese culture with contemporary craftsmanship and features both an incredibly popular in-house Australian Spanish tapas restaurant called Mo Vida as well as a “center for mixology” (a bar boasting strong ass craft cocktails) in the lobby. A stay at Katamama doesn’t come cheap but if you can afford it, do it.

Sublime weather

While monsoon season is busy sweeping through most of Southeast Asia, the beaches in Bali are being drenched in sunshine. July and August are peak season on the Island of Gods, which doesn’t even mean inflated prices because Bali is pretty damn cheap as it is. Our recommendation (and what we’re doing) is to turn your Sunny Side Up Festival experience in a sunny side holiday and take a few extra days for yourself during of the most vibrant times to be in Bali.

[image via The Luxe Nomad]

Because Bali

Listen, Bali is one of Asia’s best travel destinations. Nobody is going to argue that. Nobody. I don’t care if you’re the kind of person who prefers enjoying sunrise from the deep and dark depths of a dingy techno temple, Bali will still brighten your black soul. Bali is rich with culture, diverse in flavor, welcoming and friendly to tourists, overflowing with adventure, totally affordable, STUNNING, etc etc etc. If you have yet to experience the magical island of Bali, planning your trip around Sunny Side Up Festival is the best idea you’ll ever have. Well, almost. Reach for your passport now.

[image via Spirit Quest Tours]

And finally, the superstar line-up

Disclosure is coming to Bali. DISLCOSURE IS COMING TO BALI. That’s so huge. But before that Grammy award-winning producer and also superstar DJ Mark Ronson, the man behind Bruno Mars’ hit ‘Uptown Funk’, is what Saturday is all about. Also playing over the course of the weekend is Breakbot from the legendary Ed Banger label, and because it’s Bali there is also strong Australian representation from Ta-Ku, George Maple and Hermitude. The full line-up is below.

Sunny Side Up Tropical Festival happens August 13th & 14th at Potato Head Beach Club in Seminyak, Bali

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