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4NC¥ turns to brijplease to curate a 100% South Asian artist compilation that leaves no genre behind

‘emergence’ includes forward thinking Lo-Fi, R’n’B, footwork, bounce, dance, halftime, future garage & D’n’B

  • Arun Ramanathan
  • 29 November 2021
4NC¥ turns to brijplease to curate a 100% South Asian artist compilation that leaves no genre behind

Earlier this year, global label and artist platform 4NC¥ put out a call online as a social media hunt for emerging and hot South Asian producers — Mumbai-based producer DJ Brij Dalvi aka brijplease jumped at the opportunity to present his 20-plus-strong list of forward thinking artists.

‘emergence’ was released on November 26 as Brij’s vision for a South Asian future in global electronic music.

Insowmya, Ukato, Corridors, B3atsinfinity, Dropped Out, Gaya, KRMA, Wroc and Aeon Waves are artists from India whose music stands out according to brijplease, saying in his own words, “They’ve all emerged from obscurity and are ready to take over.”

The recent emergence of the South Asian music diaspora has pushed new waves of creativity and community across a wide range of global scenes, tapping into 90’s rave, drum ’n’ bass and even resurfacing UK garage a la Punjab from the early 2000s. Ever since being founded by former-London-now-Goa-based rapper PAV4N, 4NC¥ has been one of the labels and entities amongst many others like Krunk Kulture, Wind Horse and Qilla that have been aggregating the change.

Although all of the artists brijplease put forward for the compilation are outstandingly unique and deserving of being spotlighted by 4NC¥, a couple of artists and their tracks really raise the bar for everyone involved like 21-year old KRMA from Gurgaon, a city just southwest of New Delhi, comes in heavy with a kaleidoscopic tint on ‘Whatever It May Be’. Gaya’s ‘All Talked Out’ falls a few notches away from the bass spectrum into a more soulful and R’n’B space where she lets her vocal finesse do the work with quirky mic techniques alongside peculiar production. She’s certainly taken her understanding of studio antics to new levels since her post studies at Abbey Road Institute in Amsterdam.

brijplease's 'emergence' is out now on 4NC¥. Grab your copy here.

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