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24 hours in Asia

24 hours in Asia with Joris Voorn

Hong Kong from behind the unique lens of Joris Voorn - travel photography at its finest

  • Olivia Wycech
  • 13 June 2016
24 hours in Asia with Joris Voorn

Joris Voorn has been delving deep into photography recently, exploring the art by experimenting with rare lenses and when combined with his sharp eye, the output - as seen on his socials - is spectacular. So we jumped on the opportunity to experience the magnificent city of Hong Kong through the lens of the Dutch DJ, who says Hong Kong is one of the most captivating cities he's ever visited and he beautifully captures the essence of Asia’s City of Lights in this photo journal. You can also look forward to an upcoming interview with Joris in which he elucidates more about Hong Kong, his photography and his upcoming projects.

* All photohgraphy and captions provided by Joris Voorn

"I’m staying in Hong Kong for a week with my wife and two kids, in the Shueng Wan neighbourhood, right next to Central. 10 years ago this place was nothing, then gentrification happened and turned Shueng Wan into a place full of art galleries, coffee shops and bars selling craft beer."

"Speaking of coffee, there was no shortage of great places for coffee snobs like me. This one’s from y…NOT? coffee engineers down the street of my apartment."

"Hong Kong is a great place to spend at least a week. It has everything, and above all great shopping! The trams are a nice way to get from A to B at a slow pace while checking out the lively streets around you."

"Food is one of the best things in Hong Kong, you can find anything asian at the highest level. Here we’re enjoying a great Dim Sum lunch, one of the essentials of the local Hong Kong cuisine."

"We’re visiting friends who live in Mi-Levels. The rooftop has a great view, you can see how long and narrow the buildings are. They build on tiny plots in Hong Kong, and insanely high. Not good for people with vertigo."

"We pass by Tasmania Ballroom where I’m playing the next day."

"We walk back to the apartment thru central. You can just sit on a street corner and see the Hong Kong life passing by, so much happening all the time."

"I went to the Lomography shop to buy a new lens for my camera, the Jupiter 3+, a remake of a classic Russian lens. On the way back this is the first picture I take with the new lens. Hong Kong is full of photo-ops like this, it’s the most photogenic city I’ve ever been, a great mix between old and new, messy and clean, light and dark."

"On the way to dinner at Ho Lee Fook we walk thru the famous wet market, which at this time of day looks like the scene of a horror movie."

"It’s too dark at Ho Lee Fook for pictures, but this is in my fortune cookie when I walk out."

"At night we visit Tazmania Ballroom where I’m playing the next day. It’s a club designed by Tom Dixon, very classy and cool and more like a lounge on nights like this when they have the pool and ping pong tables out. Tomorrow they’ll be hanging on the ceiling to make room for the dance floor."

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