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22 festival photos that will make you want to quit your job and travel the world

Ludovic Ismael's work will give you wanderlust real bad

  • Mixmag Crew
  • 13 March 2017

Paris-based photographer Ludovic Ismael has just published a book based on his travels to festivals around the world.

The 32 year old shot the people and happenings of Afrika Burn in South Africa, Envision in Costa Rica, Nowhere in Spain, Boom in Portugal and, of course, Burning Man in the USA over a five year period and now the results are contained within 'Passagers'.

"I started to take portraits of people I met at festivals because they were naturally beautiful through my eyes, and really authentic," Ismael told Mixmag. "It was like I could see vulnerability and their soul through a portrait. Photography became more and more important to me when visiting festivals and I started to think about creative ways to make portraits, with a theme or narration."

"After five years of festivals, I was ready to do a book to tell my story about these portraits with interviews, insight to my photography approach, the transformational experience about festivals and how Festivals are changing the world."

'Passagers' also includes writing from Marie Colinet, a Burning Man veteran, and graphic design by Thais Paulian, who is directly inspired by the festivals documented in the book.

The photography is so delicious that it makes us want to jack in our day jobs and buy a round-the-world flight. Or, at the very least, start a Whatsapp group to see which of our friends is up for hitting a new festival this summer.

After feasting on the images above, buy the book and find all information about it right here.

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