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Yum Cha Chats with Mrs M: Mongolia’s breakout star soundtracks Ulaanbaatar

The Mongolian queen of hip hop gives us the lowdown on her local scene

  • Mrs M
  • 15 March 2020

Sunday's are hard but can be made easier with unexpected delights — so here's some fluff to get you through it. Inspired by a recent jaunt for dim sum with Miss Yellow in Hong Kong, allow us to present the first of many Yum Cha Chats — which means let's go eat dim sum and drink tea in Cantonese. The series will dig into the obscure and tasty 'fillings' you never knew about your favourite DJs and have nothing to do with music — every Sunday. Best enjoyed from bed…

While many people may not be familiar with Mongolia's vibrant hip hop scene, it's been thriving for over a decade, and Mrs M is at the forefront of it all. Now, the singer and rapper is poised to be the country's first international breakout artist after having recently signed on with multi-platinum hip hop producer Harry Fraud from New York. Since most people haven't ventured to the land of Ghengis Khan, we asked her to divulge what her favourite spots in her hometown of Ulaanbaatar are and what they sound like. She's provided us with a soundtrack for her favourites places to chill at in Mongolia's capital city.

1 Home

"As in my home because it's chilled, cosy, comfortable and warm — it's still winter outside. Our winter is a little different from yours. At home I'm listening to 'Winston Surfshirt’ by Ali D."

2 Cue Coffee & Bar

"Here they play mostly chill house music, but you can also choose your favourites and make requests. People also play billiards, foosball, and they have every kind of video game console you might want. On Fridays, it turns to a club. Here I listen to 'Starry Night' by Peggy Gou."

3 The best vantage point of Ulaanbaatar

"There is a big parking spot above Ulaanbaatar where you can see the whole city. It's very beautiful at night. I hang out there with my best friend, listen to our favourite songs or talk in the car if it's cold. This place is magical for us. I also shot one of my music videos here with another local rapper, GINJIN. Here you'd find me listening to 'Day and Night' by Dabeull."

4 Playtime Festival

"Ulaanbaatar's biggest, most eclectic outdoor music festival is called Playtime Festival, and it's in a natural setting on the outskirts of the city surrounded by mountains and a big lake. I've performed at the hip hop stage a few times, but there are many different stages. From hip hop to rock, house and of course Mongolian rock and traditional music. The perfect song for this would be 'Pish' by The Brian Jonestown Massacre."

5 Fat Cat Jazz Club

"Fat Cat Jazz Club is a live music venue, with guest bands from all over the world. It's popular with tourists, but that's mostly in the summer. It has a very luxurious vibe, but it's very cosy too, and you have to make a reservation one day before because it's always full. ‘Get Out of My Life Woman’ by Joe Williams and Thad Jones, Mel Lewis Jazz Orchestra is what you might hear here."

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