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The Guest List

The Guest List: Tom Trago shares 10 ‘electronic lullabies’ to soothe the mind, body & and soul

Tom Trago's sixth album 'Deco' drops on April 28

  • Arun Ramanathan
  • 13 April 2023

‘Deco’ is Tom Trago’s sixth album which he recorded while taking on an extended hiatus from clubland. Prior to his hiatus, Trago’s years living in Amsterdam saw his gig schedule steamroll ahead, and meant that he would take plenty of time for decompression — most of that downtime took place at Deco Sauna, where he’d go to unwind and detox.

Coming a long way from his debut album ‘Voyage Direct’, from which he created his label of the same name, ‘Deco’, which drops at the end of the month on Dutch imprint Rush Hour Records, sees Trago escape from dance-floor-centric antics and focus on what he calls ‘electronic lullabies’. His focus in 2023 shifted away from the heaviness of the club environment, to creating music that reflects his outdoor and pastoral home environment, where he would spend plenty of time walking in the woodlands behind his house.

Intrigued by his mellow-frequency direction, Mixmag Asia connected with Tom Trago while he was in Asia, playing a stellar set at The Observatory in Ho Chi Minh City. We wanted to hear more about his fresh approach to ‘Deco’, and his response was to share with us 10 ‘electronic lullabies’ to soothe the mind, body & and soul. We’re blissfully indebted, and you will be too after listening to the tracks below curated by Tom Trago for The Guest List.

Harco Pront 'Inhale '

This song really brings down my heart rate, it's so special how this song has been in my top rotation for 20 years now. It really helps to clear my mind and brings me almost to a meditative state. I think Harco Pront is one of Holland's best kept secrets, really intimate music! This song feels like it's alive to me. And really fits the peacefulness of nature.

​Skee Mask 'Daytime Gamer'

A really futuristic soundscape, with a dark edge to it. It brings me back to my teenage years spending days with my computer games. I really like how it is not too polished and still has funk leads hidden in the shimmering shade of synthesizers. A very layered affair!

​J Dilla 'Sunbeams'

On the lighter side, this Dilla loop is pretty hypnotic to me. Dilla was the king of programming drums in a very natural way as you can hear in this song. It eases my mind and seems to go on forever. This track really helps me focus and I put it on to get things done.

​Kool & The Gang 'Summer 'Madness'

I think this was the song that introduced me to THE SYNTHESIZER. I remember hearing this when I was young and always being intrigued by the sound of the solo. So futuristic!

A really positive and healing song. What a classic! The synth really uplifts the track in a beautiful way, and also, cuts really nicely through the mix.

​Tom Trago 'Harvest'

This is the first tune I made after I moved out of the city, and it really brings me back to enjoying nature again. Made mostly with the Yamaha DX100. It is about slowing down and really harvesting the time, space, and freedom you've created.

​The Detroit Experiment 'Highest'

When i started producing I was amazed about the production quality on this one, next level. Such a beautiful blend of the Fender Rhodes sound with the other synthesizers, it's almost like animals communicating in synthesizer language. I really love the contrast of the big lead with the rest of the track. Also, the little vocal snippets are the icing on the cake.

​D.K. 'Mystery Dub'

This song takes me straight to an island. Safari ready! I like the FM-style synths on this one, crystal clear and polished. It softly touches rhythm but that is not the driver of this song.

The whole Music From Memory label is amazing. What an inspiring catalogue!

​Shoebox 'Got so Much'

A very dusty song that makes me enter the dreamworld. I really like the awkward good vibes of this track. haha. weird. Shoebox is a side project that I started with Maxi Mill and we are about to finish the second album. be on the lookout. Also check out the first album "Falling in the right place" if you are into dusty MPC house.

​Aphex Twin 'Stone in Focus'

A real introspective journey through sound. Such a tranquil atmosphere. It seems like time stops when you put on this song. It also really carries emotions of deep feelings for me.

It's a healing experience when I listen to music like this.

​Tom Trago 'Saudade (Ambient Mix)' feat. JP Enfant

Makes me think of my old studio and the great times I had there! Haha, and that's exactly what the title means!

Tom Trago 'Deco' will be out on Rush Hour Records on April 28. Pre-order your copy here.

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