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The Layover

​The Layover: Tronic boss Christian Smith relishes on what he treasures from Asia

“I must have toured Asia over 20 times but Vietnam is still on my bucket list!”

  • Christian Smith
  • 21 January 2021

His name has been synonymous with the groove-accentuated style of techno he’s trademarked over his prolific career.

Christain Smith was born in Stockholm and nurtured his youth in Frankfurt, before then taking on the wilder west in the US and eventually finding a real grounding in Sao Paulo. The Brazilian city became an early breeding ground for him and he still returns regularly to play to some of his favourite crowds. Since setting up his imprint Tronic, artists like Chus & Ceballos, ANNA, Paco Osuna, Loco & Jam, Kaiserdisco, Enrico Sangiuliano and Nick Curly have all had the privilege of being a part of one of the biggest techno music entities exist in the world, which just celebrated its twenty-five year mark. The label also grew into a weekly show that is now syndicated to over 100 stations around the world, and passed the 2000 show milestone in 2018.

In those few moments where he’s not dominating the charts under his own Tronic imprint, you’ll see him doing the same for his releases on other high profile labels like Plus8/Minus, Drumcode, Cocoon, Bedrock and Mobilee. That said, Christian is a DJ’s DJ — he’s admired around the world, and particularly in Asia for his humbling presence and straight up nice guy attitude. During his tours across Asia (which we hear he’s truly missing right now!), he left plenty of memories and lessons behind for young ravers and budding DJs, some of whom have grown to be stalwarts of the regional scene that Christian still keeps an eye and ear on. Scroll on down to find out more about Christian Smith’s adventures in the Far East.

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