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Mixer & Missus: Catz 'N Dogz

We tested the Polish duo to see how much they know about each other, quiz style

  • Olivia Wycech
  • 25 February 2016

What music genre does Voitek dislike the most?

Greg: "Polish reggae"

Voitek: "I don’t know if it’s the same in English but it’s this music for sailors. It’s called shanty in Polish and it’s fucking horrible."

Wtf is Polish raggae? 0 points

What is Greg’s worst habit?

Greg: "Sometimes I do weird noises…"

Voitek: "He has so many…I mean we travel so much together. Can I say three? He does this thing with his mouth where he tries to scratch the inside of his ears. It’s so fucking weird. Yeah, I’ll go with that."

Go ahead, try to scratch the inside of your ears with your mouth. Impossible! 1 point

What does Voitek think is the best thing to come out of Poland?

Greg: "Nature"

Voitek: "The Pope. And that’s not really my personal opinion it’s more like the factual facts. It’s a pragmatic answer."

I can't believe no one said vodka!? 0 points

What’s the best thing Greg makes in the kitchen?

Greg: "Nothing! Salad?"

Voitek: "Is it okay if I say nothing? Because he can’t cook."

It's a match but Greg could use some cooking classes from chef Troxler for Christmas! 1 point

What is Voitek’s worst habit?

Greg: "Complaining"

Voitek: "I complain too much"

Yikes! 1 point

What is Greg’s favorite food?

Greg: "Pasta"

Voitek: "Pizza. It’s prefect for stoners and every occasion."

Close, but no cigar. 0 points

Who is Voitek’s favorite DJ?

Greg: "DJ Koze"

Voitek: "DJ Koze"

Beauty. 1 point

What is Greg’s secret talent?

Greg: "I always know in which direction to go. Navigating!"

Voitek: "Being a travel agent. He’s better than every travel agent we’ve ever had. No offense."

What would Voitek say is the best record of all time?

Greg: "Stardust ‘Must Sounds Better With You’"

Voitek: "The same as Gregory."

Catz 'N Dogz latest album 'Basic Colour Theory Remixed' comes out digitally and on vinyl on March 11th through their own label Pets Recordings. It features remixes of their 2015 LP by Jamie Jones, Claude Von Stroke, Karizma, Fred Everything, Anja Schneider, Eats Everything, and more.

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