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Mija challenges the status quo with hard hitting drum 'n' bass and is making an impact

Time to meet the talented selector behind the coloured hair

  • Valerie Lee
  • 11 May 2017
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What would you say you’re most proud of today in your career?

Man… I guess what I’m most proud of are things that I can’t entirely talk about yet, because they’re happening now.

But I guess I’ll say the music that I’ve been creating for the past two years and the art behind it is what I’m most proud of. I’m proud of the world I’ve created around me with the help of my manager and my team, all the stuff that we do. We have so many crazy ideas all the time and just the fact that there’s not very many of us making it happen, I’m proud of. I feel grateful to accomplish.

Your brand feels very organic, very much you.

That’s because I am the brand. You can make a brand and make it a very specific thing, sometimes it works really well. But the other way you can do it is to just be yourself and hope that people like you. The only reason why I’m here to begin with is because it worked that way.

You are very in tune online and active on socials. Is it ever difficult to balance your fans’ opinions with your own creative thinking and process?

Totally. It’s always difficult to see other people’s opinions when they’re not in line with your own and on the internet, people are more comfortable doing that using not as nice words. You have to balance. When you’re online, take everything with a grain of salt and try not to be too serious.

But also on the internet, man, that’s where you find the kids that really believe in what you’re doing. If you’re able to make those connections with those kids and bring a little light into their life as well, that’s all part of the story! They’re going to keep coming back to you because they look up to you at that point, and as long as you’re there, kids have a strong appreciation for that.

Your last release was a track called ‘Secrets’ back in February that was very drum ’n’ bass. But, since your DJing style is so versatile, it's hard to know what to expect next from you. Anything you can reveal?

‘Secrets’ was my first solo release and definitely went back to my drum ’n’ bass roots with more bass-heavy stuff.

I have a soundtrack coming up next called ‘Time Stops’, three songs that I wrote and we’re doing a visual experience along with it. I’m collaborating with Ryan Farber, who I work very closely with, on the visual aspect of it. I’m really excited for that, it’s coming out probably early this summer. It’s more of a cute story line. Some parts are indie, some are more electronic.

I also have some collaborations coming soon. Gammer and I wrote a track that we’ll put out this month and Billy Kenny and I wrote a track like last week that we’re really stoked on. We’re trying to figure out when to release it, but it’s coming soon.

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