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Mengzy Selects – 015 / September

Mixmag Asia's bass purveyor Mengzy shares her musical discoveries from around the region

  • Mengzy
  • 28 September 2023

Welcome to ‘Mengzy Selects’, a monthly column which features five recently released tracks by producers and labels in Asia and across the Asian diaspora. Your host is Mengzy: a Hong Kong-based DJ and producer, PhD in musicology, music journalist, and co-founder of Feed the Dragon.

To watch the video version of this month’s column, click here.


Amnap Records recently launched with ‘DIALOGUES OF DANCE VOL. 1’, a ten-track VA that has set the Mumbai-based label off to a very strong start. Our favourite is POLO LILLI’s ‘N. Z. Dish’, a footwork jungle offering that incorporates classic house samples at 150 BPM.

Listen to ‘N. Z. Dish’ here.

Mutable Mercury ‘8Bit Nasty’

Congratulations are in order for Mutable Mercury who just scored his second outing on Scuffed Recordings with ‘Lost in Chaos’. The three-track EP showcases the New Delhi producer’s shapeshifting and nuanced approach, as heard on the kinetic ‘8Bit Nasty’.

Listen to ‘8Bit Nasty’ here.

Sattle ‘Spirits’

Another exciting label launch this month was Plumbah from Bali. Its ‘Twentythree’ EP, by co-founder Sattle, delivers a classy debut for the imprint, and the vibes on 2-stepper ‘Spirits’ are on point with fresh melodics.

Listen to ‘Spirits’ here.

Vell ‘Floating Mists, Warm Vistas’

Boiled Wonderland’s Vell shared his debut EP last week, titled ‘Floating Mists, Warm Vistas’. The esoteric title track caught our attention with its bubbling textures and cosmic flangers – a must-listen for fans of ‘XLB’ by Pearson Sound.

Listen to ‘Floating Mists, Warm Vistas’ here.

Ryuki Miyamoto ‘Firestarter’

‘PLAY IT LOUD AGAIN’ is a fitting title for Ryuki Miyamoto’s new EP on TREKKIE TRAX, where the Japanese producer shows off his skills across seven multigenre bass tunes. Mainstage d’n’b shredder ‘Firestarter’, however, steals the show.

Listen to ‘Firestarter’ here.

Mengzy is Mixmag Asia’s Music Culture Columnist, follow her on Instagram.

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