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Yum Cha Chats: CRi addresses seasonal depression with canine therapy

The young artist stresses the importance of mental health

  • CRi
  • 6 December 2020

Pizza delivery guy turned electronic live act Christophe Dube, aka CRi, has quickly embossed his distinctive style of melodic and hazy deep house around the world, recently joining the Anjunadeep camp as well as picking up a nomination for Electronic Release of the Year at the 2018 Juno Awards. The young French-Canadian sums it up best himself — “I’m just a pizza guy that said f*** it.”

But beyond the successes and being touted as Anjunadeep’s next star, CRi understands the mental stress that this industry can bring, environmental and personal. And seasonal depression is one of those issues that he personally takes an adamant stance at addressing. For this week’s Yum Cha Chats, we take shine a serious light on a fun and endearing treatment that does wonders for your soul, while enriching others. Here are CRI’s 5 easy and highly rewarding recommendations for treating seasonal depression with dog therapy.

Spooning with your dog

Spooning with your dog is essential for seasonal depression. If you're taken, make sure to spoon in the mornings so you don't affect much needed time with your partner. If you're single, go ahead and spoon all night long. My personal favourite spooning breed is the Boston Terrier.

Going out to walk your dog

Walking your dog keeps you sane, keeps your feet down to earth and keeps seasonal depression at bay. Going to the dog park is a great way to forget you had a bad day and you get to have fun with other dogs. It's a win-win situation.

Treating your dog

There's nothing more exhilarating than watching your dog's instincts in action. Your dog might be the best hunter (or worst) of all times. In any case, you'll appreciate the fleetness of life.

Training with your dog

You gotta release that much needed endorphin. The best way to keep those biceps strong is to work out with your dog. Sweat it out!

Dressing up your dog for winter

It's time to make a fashion statement, go ahead and pick the nicest outfit. It'll make you want to step up your game.

Dogs are great.

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