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A tribute to the Guv'nor: 9 DJs from Asia pick their favourite Andrew Weatherall tracks

Along with the rest of the world, Asia salutes you, Guv.

  • Words: Patrizio Cavaliere | Curation: Arun Ramanathan
  • 6 April 2022

It's been a little over two years since Andrew Weatherall's untimely passing, and the global community he touched with his music and words is still coming to terms with his tragic loss. The iconic DJ, producer, and journalist made a luminous mark that resonated far beyond the confines of the dance underground to which he contributed so much throughout his career.

Emerging from the UK's acid house scene in the late '80s, his name as an inspired selector began to ring out after an invitation to play at Danny Rampling's seminal Shoom events. Shortly afterwards, his studio debut arrived when, alongside Paul Oakenfold, he was drafted to remix (Madchester favourites) Happy Mondays’ 'Hallelujah', and his reputation as a scintillating producer went stratospheric following the release of Primal Scream's Weatherall produced album, 'Screamadelica'. From then on, he maintained a deserved position at the vanguard of the electronic underground, connecting with and inspiring generations of DJs, producers, and subterranean enthusiasts. He released scores of impactful solo and collaborative music under all-manner of guises, with Sabres Of Paradise, Two Lone Swordsmen, and Bocca Juniors just some of his many effervescent projects. His talent as a remixer saw him invited to rework artists as diverse as Bjork, Manic Street Preachers and The Orb, always offering a unique and often surprising take on the varied source material. More recently, his mesmerising A Love From Outer Space collaboration with Sean Johnston provided endless opportunities for starry-eyed explorations and chug-fuelled meditations.

Throughout his lifetime (and despite the veneration with which he was universally viewed) he remained grounded, humble, and eminently loveable. Whether selecting cutting-edge and perennially evolving sounds for worldwide audiences, crafting compelling prose under his Audrey Witherspoon moniker, or composing sublime sonics in the studio, his work will continue to live on majestically, and the profound effect he had on those whose lives he touched remains indelible. Born on April 6, 1963, today marks the anniversary of his birth. We've taken the opportunity to honour the late, great, Guv'nor by inviting a selection of Asia-based artists and fans to contribute their favourite music from his vast back catalogue. Happy Birthday, Andrew Weatherall. Along with the rest of the world, Asia salutes you.

​Sunju Hargun, Thailand
​​Meek ‘Glowing Trees’ (A Side)

"It's difficult to even know where to begin when reminiscing back to the brilliance and innovation of Andrew Weatherall's musical landscape. One of the masters who broke barriers between genres across the cosmos and a truly inspirational figure in the electronic music world. It's almost impossible to select one favourite from him (truth!), so here is a record that I often listen to from time to time when I need to find some inspiration again, under his alter ego 'Meek'. A 10-minute pure Weatherall, cinematic and add 50’s sci-fi into the Telstar ambiance of it all. Simply outstanding and an emotional body of work!"

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Rocco Universal, UK/Thailand
Primal Scream ‘Come Together’

“Though Andrew's long and dazzling list of productions is literally filled with highlights, his remix of Primal Scream's 'Come Together' is my instinctive choice. Weatherall's studio journey brilliantly blossomed after Primal Scream's Bobby Gillespie asked him to produce (what turned out to be) the band's breakthrough 1991 album, ‘Screamadelica’. The atmosphere he creates on this sprawling interpretation is breathtaking. Fusing gospel soul and UK-spun indie with gloriously deviant acid house-inspired rave, he magically set the tone for the spellbinding canon that followed. A timeless masterpiece.”

Xiaolin, Hong Kong
Sabres of Paradise ‘Wilmot’

“Weatherall always has a way of making things sound so loose and organic, his percussion is magic. The laidback chug feels effortlessly lazy and I admire the way he can strip down elements of a song to the bare minimum while retaining its highest level of musicality.”

​Max Essa, UK/Japan
Galliano ‘Skunk Funk’ (Cabin Fever Dub)

"This is the one for me, Galliano ‘Skunk Funk’ (Cabin Fever Dub). It came out around the time I started DJing in the early 90s and still gets plays to this day!"

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​Dea Barandana, Indonesia
The Sabres Of Paradise Versus LFO & Nightmares On Wax ‘Duke Of Earlsfield’

“The period of the release was around when I was introduced to dance music for the first time. I was into this sort of breakbeat before and Sabres of Paradise was a big part of it. There’s also this remix he was involved in — I had spoken to him about it and he said that not many people remember it. Also, I am glad that we shared his last release together — he was on the A side and I remixed the B side.”

​Jeremy Cheung, Hong Kong
My Bloody Valentine ‘Soon’ (Andy Weatherall Mix)

“This is a hard one, but my first choice would be the MBV remix. I think he’s a genius and this remix sounds better than the original. Best indie remix in my opinion, love the early 90s vibes in it.”

​Que Sakamoto, Japan
The Future Sound Of London ‘Papua New Guinea' (Andrew Weatherall Full Length Mix)

“Amazing remix — dynamic and dramatic. Andrew is a master of acid house with a taste of rock. I’ve played this so many times and it’s always big. Andrew is a real hero for me, forever.”

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​Zig Zach, Singapore
Yello ‘Frautonium’ (Andrew Weatherall Half-Life Remix)

“Choosing a favourite Weatherall track is like asking me which finger I wouldn’t mind losing! Whilst I love the tracks and remixes he creates with killer guitars and solid sounding drums, I also love his more melodic sounding stuff. A 13 minute and 50 seconds beauty right here from the Guv’nor.”

Knopha, China
Trentemøller ‘Silver Surfer - Ghost Rider Go!!!’ (Andrew Weatherall Prinz Mix)

“This one says a lot about Mr. Weatherall, effortlessly fusing dubby groove, indie-rock elements into one track that could be enjoyed in many situations, and by different crowds as well.”

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