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Yum Cha Chats: Punctual's go-to PlayStation games to wind-down to while on tour

"Somehow we’ve never played against each other… that would be a high-stakes game!

  • Punctual
  • 3 April 2022

Escapism through passion is a human right. We strive for it. When our schedules get so busy crossing off task after task, a mundane routine needs compensation — winding down is just what we need, and it means even more when we genuinely enjoy being soothed by whatever activity that may be. For today's Yum Cha Chats, we de-stress in one of the most fun ways possible — video games.

It’s hard to keep up with what’s what with a huge influx of games coming from our mobile devices, gaming consoles, board games and more but today Punctual has given us their top 5 gaming choices that deliver that wind-down we need.

With a busy touring and studio schedule, the boys from Punctual would try to play every day if they could, and their go-to when it comes to relaxing is PlayStation®4. When they were growing up as kids, they would have to say that the N64 is their all-time favourite, as with most kids who grew up in the 90s. When it comes to playing with others or alone, it’s tough to get everyone together (unless we’re still in lockdown). “It’s always the most fun to play with friends. Be it Fortnite or FIFA pro-clubs. It can be tricky to find a time when everyone is available, so we mostly just play alone”, says the duo.

Will Lansley and John Morgan aka Punctual, and Mixmag Asia, are offering you some personal advice here on how to de-stress with a mega dose of fun. Decompose yourself, and grab that controller, your Sundays are sorted.

“Rocket League is probably the game we both play most! We’ve probably put in a good 7 years of gameplay now. You can find us both lurking about in Diamond 1 — definitely think defending is our strong suit. We haven’t fully mastered how to play Aerial yet, but we’ll get there. A dream of ours has always been to have a song on the soundtrack one day. Here’s hoping it can happen!”

“FIFA is a staple for us. We’ve both gone through phases of playing it quite a bit. We generally play Ultimate Team but admittedly have pretty terrible teams. We got into playing some Co-Op seasons when we both had Covid over Christmas - we’re actually still unbeaten.

Somehow we’ve never played against each other… that would be a high-stakes game!”

“Undoubtedly one of the best games of all time! We spent hours playing it when it first came out. The attention to detail in the game is just incredible. It’s definitely a good game if you’re hungover as it’s not too stressful - it’s fun to just explore the map. We saw recently that GTA 6 is meant to be in development and said to be released in 2024?! Literally can’t wait for that if it's true.”

“Squads on Fortnite definitely got us through the lockdown. We’re not the best at this one but our friends are, so we’ve had a few Victory Royales together. Generally, we’re terrible at building which lets our game down a hell of a lot, as you can probably imagine. It’s still fun though, we just let our friends build for us, haha.”

Will: “While this is not a video game, we are both big fans. John has played for years and I recently got into it after carving his own chess set over lockdown. I'm still learning but John helps me out with his strategy, etc. We actually have a Punctual chess account for a video we did a while back. Look up ‘Punctualmusic’ on We look forward to your challenges ;)”

Punctual’s forthcoming single ‘We Could Have It All’ will be out on April 8 via Monstercat, click here to pre-save the track.

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