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10 louring techno podcasts to get you familiar with Smoke Machine

The Taipei-based label is sitting on 139 podcasts by Rødhåd​, Nobu, Diskonnected & more

  • Olivia Wycech
  • 9 April 2020
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5. Aurora Halal

Shadowy and psychedelic, Aurora Halal’s style of artistry comes out not just in the music she plays but in the fine art she creates. Few have shaped America’s music scene as she had.

6 Rødhåd

Rødhåd's Smoke Machine podcast might be six years old but techno tends to be timeless, and the mix is still receiving regular attention and a steady stream of listeners. The 84th Smoke Machine podcast is one of the most listened to with over 81,000 plays.

7 Nobu

Japanese scene stalwart DJ Nobu has been one of the few artists to break out of Japan and enjoy success in the west. In the process become a regular on the line-up at places like Berghain, and has also been invited by Ben Klock for Klockworks appearance. But the Japanese native has been a favourite of Smoke Machine since day one and is a regular collaborator with the brand.

8 diskonnected

Smoke Machine's own Diskonnected is a local Taiwanese DJ that delivers a terrific techno performance that is on par with his European counterparts and could easily have been recorded in Berlin.

9 Prince of Denmark

An air of mystery surrounds Prince of Denmark, and you could say the same for this haunting hour-long mix. The German artist is a Giegling mainstay who also releases music as Traumprinz and DJ Metatron. His podcast is also Smoke Machine's most listened to podcast with almost 147,000 plays and some of the strongest reception from commentators.

10 Kobosil

Ostgut Ton's Kobosil delivers a typically trippy set with a chilling intro that's a favourite amongst purists.

[photo via Smoke Machine]

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