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25 nostalgic smiley shots to satisfy your acid house cravings

Say cheese...

  • 6 April 2021

The acid smiley.

A truly iconic symbol, the smiley face has prospered over the years as it continues it's reign as the unofficial mascot of acid house rave culture.

First designed back in 1963 by artist Harvey Ball – who earned a mere $45 for the artwork – the smiling symbol we’ve grown to know and love was originally created to boost morale among an American workforce. Of course it's more recognisable for it's role later in life, acting as a uniting force at the forefront of the Second Summer of Love acid house revolution.

Infecting the dance scene in the late 80s, the nostalgic feel-good logo was used on flyers, branding, clothing and more, channelling the rebellious nature of the music through the use of choice art and design.

So read on below to check out 25 nostalgic smiley face images from over the years.

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