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So, Tomorrowland is NOT coming to Asia after all

Just like that, dreams squashed

  • Mixmag Asia Staff
  • 7 July 2016
So, Tomorrowland is NOT coming to Asia after all

Yes, it’s true.

Earlier in the week, it was reported that Tomorrowland was looking at various countries in Asia, including Thailand, China and Japan, to host the region’s first Tomorrowland event. The exciting news spread like wildfire across media outlets around Asia and beyond.

But yesterday, a spokesperson for Tomorrowland debunked that hope to Billboard, which reported that the information was a mistranslation from its original source – a Thai publication called Post Today.

"We are not looking for another continent for the moment," a rep for Tomorrowland told Billboard. "We will organize Unite in two Asian countries this year: India and Japan."

Unite is a single day event that has been previously held in India and Mexico.

Billboard corrected the information relayed, citing that the local promoter as saying “the country should be looking to host an event such as Tomorrowland, saying it would help boost tourism to the Asian nation, but not that the expansion was in the works.”

“According to Tungthiankul, the promoters believe a similar event could attract up to 450,000 attendees, and stressed the need for the government to help in preparations to accommodate international travelers. Both China and Japan are also reportedly interested in hosting a festival.”

We're disappointed, to be sure, but not surprised. We do however have Sónar to look forward to and that's been confirmed.

[via: Billboard]

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