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Enchanting deep disco meditations on Zeynep Erbay's 'Flashlights On Love'

The cosmic-inclined artist ponders the complexities of love via her latest alluring soundscapes

  • Patrizio Cavaliere
  • 22 October 2022
Enchanting deep disco meditations on Zeynep Erbay's 'Flashlights On Love'

Zeynep Erbay returns to Soul Clap Records with her latest set of seductive meta-disco grooves, serving four love-themed meditations on the 'Flashlights On Love' EP

The talented Turkish artist first appeared on the revered US label in 2021 with her gorgeous 'Escape The Toxic Train' EP, where she tackled themes of “people's relationships with themselves, each other and nature.” The cosmically-charmed follow-up is every bit as profound and philosophical in tone as its predecessor, with each track contemplating the nuanced complexities of love. The music was formed during the confusing throes of the Covid-19 Pandemic when Zeynep found herself questioning the human condition: people's relationships with themselves, with others and with nature, and where humanity is headed. “In the end, the place I actually came back to was love,” says Zeynep. “I enjoyed thinking about this deeply.”

Her sonic contemplations helped lead her to a place of acceptance, an understanding that, while life and love don't always turn out as planned, adjusting one's outlook can help to soften the blows we all face as our existential journey unfolds. “There is always a way out if we can make peace with and accept the grades that we cannot control – no matter what we experience – and to hold on to the parts of life we love.”

True to its lofty subject matter, the music bursts with emotion throughout. From the simmering synth bass of 'Chemical Love' to the emotive harmonics of 'Lava', the effervescent chords of 'Heart Math' to the energetic swells of the title track, the EP is firmly rooted in synth-heavy space disco, perfectly pitched for cosmic deep diving. “5 to10 years ago, I would have made a different interpretation on this subject,” says Zeynep. “But now, I feel a little more grounded. I live my best moments while I produce, play and dance. Ultimately, my intention was only to question this concept. Knowing that there isn’t one answer, I simply enjoyed pondering on it.”

Listen to 'Flashlights On Love' here

Zeynep Erbay 'Flashlights On Love' is out now on Soul Clap Records. You can buy it here

Patrizio Cavaliere is Mixmag Asia's Music Editor. Follow him on Instagram

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