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Renowned Tokyo-based contemporary artist YOSHIROTTEN is showcasing in Hong Kong

The exhibit arrives at THE SHOPHOUSE in collaboration with Hong Kong photographer Wing Shya & Japanese photographer Daido Moriyama

  • Adrianna Cheung
  • 24 February 2022
Renowned Tokyo-based contemporary artist YOSHIROTTEN is showcasing in Hong Kong

Tokyo-based contemporary artist YOSHIROTTEN is known for creating futuristic and abstract work across a wide spectrum of fields including graphic design, large-scale installations and mixed media art. Now the Japanese art director is showcasing his first-ever solo exhibition in Hong Kong in THE SHOPHOUSE.

The immersive showcase, called Cityscape Resolution – Hong Kong, is comprised of three parts: YOSHIROTTEN’s solo works, collaborative works with Hong Kong photographer Wing Shya and reworks on Daido Moriyama‘s NEW SHINJUKU series.

One part of the exhibition explores YOSHIROTTEN’s rework of Wing Shya’s photography, which conveys the human emotion hidden within city images and places a focus on the objects captured.

Wing Shya is a Hong Kong-based photographer, working in fashion, art and film. Other than regularly contributing to international fashion and art magazines, Shya has also been an exclusive photographer and graphic designer for Wong Kar Wai’s films including Happy Together and In The Mood for Love.

When it comes to Daido Moriyama, YOSHIROTTEN has transformed the artist’s NEW SHINJUKU photographs into square monochrome bitmaps, bringing viewers to a parallel universe of reality and fantasy.

Musical accompaniment comes via Japanese artist YATT who tied the collection together with the ambient sounds of TAKAKAHN for a dynamic sensory collage of evocative electronica sounds.

Cityscape Resolution – Hong Kong by YOSHIROTTEN exhibition will be held at THE SHOPHOUSE from February 20 on until April 3 and you can watch the trailer from below.