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Yang Chen establishes Melbourne-based music agency, Kast

The newly launched agency looks to foster more genuine relationships & an inclusive community for underrepresented artists

  • Words: Farah Azizan | Image: Bamitsam
  • 15 May 2024
Yang Chen establishes Melbourne-based music agency, Kast

The electronic music industry can often be a daunting experience for independent artists who are looking to take their careers to the next level. While talent and hard work are integral to success, the work of agencies is necessary for developing talents to make a mark in a highly competitive ecosystem.

Kast, the new Melbourne-based artist agency, “serves as a platform for underrepresented artists to shine, nurturing diverse voices and celebrating the depth of fringe sounds.”

Founder Yang Chen, says that inclusivity and lack of representation spurred her venture into starting the company.

“It's always been a dream of mine to start my own agency and be able to represent my community. When I first started working in the industry, I rarely saw anyone who looked like me or from a similar background actually running things from the top. Starting my own agency felt like the perfect way to bridge that gap.”

Her previous experience in the industry also led her to think about fostering more purposeful relationships with artists, which plays a part in honing and building the agency’s profile. This understanding is well-positioned for Kast's potential success.

“I think too often the artist-agent dynamics can feel impersonal or transactional. With Kast I hope to build genuine relationships – not just with my artists, but with everyone we work with.”

She adds that a strategic, yet symbiotic relationship with artists and peers alike is essential, and one that sets Kast apart as an agency, especially in a highly competitive music industry.

“With Kast, I’ve taken a holistic approach to artist management and booking. I aim to bridge the gap between traditional agents and managers by becoming a comprehensive support system for my artists.”

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Being a reputable agent goes beyond just securing gigs, and Yang understands that it takes a multi-faceted approach to nurturing a successful career for acts.

“I’ve built each relationship based on the artist's individual needs and goals. Artists can often get lost in the mix with agents juggling massive rosters which is why I’ve chosen to prioritise a selective approach.”

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She has brought on a few upcoming artists as part of her roster, such as Zjoso, DJ and founder of event series, Tribqu, , one of the few Sonic Pi live coders and producers in the country, and Chef Chung, an MC who recently got nominated for the Acclaim All Stars, an initiative that showcases emerging artists in Australia’s hip-hop and r’n’b scene.

More artists will be announced soon; stay updated with Kast via its Instagram and website.

Farah Azizan is a freelance writer for Mixmag Asia, follow her on Instagram.

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