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Xichlo Records opens new frontiers for Vietnam's electronic producers

The label aims to raise the export value of local talent starting with Steji

  • Charles Budd
  • 14 September 2021
Xichlo Records opens new frontiers for Vietnam's electronic producers

Despite the entire country currently facing a high-risk situation of rising daily cases and limited resources to cope quickly enough during, this comes after one of the world’s most successful streaks at safeguarding an entire population with closed borders and a minimal reporting of cases. The unfortunate turn of events that Vietnam is currently facing, however, also comes paired with some exciting homegrown productivity.

Now equipped with the recent development of Hot Pot Studio, a fully-fledged professional recording and production space, the Hot Panda Media family recently announced their most venture — Xichlo Records.

House, funk and dance-floor friendly electronica are at the top of the label’s agenda to serve Vietnam’s burgeoning musical landscape, but the wider-scope priorities for Xichlo are to turn global eyeballs onto the independent Vietnamese talent that the label intends to nurture, with the support of Hot Panda’s agency arm.

“We're super excited for the first few releases from Xichlo Records as they are from Steji, D-Tek, Monotape... amongst other great local talent. The goal for us is to encourage producers to create music freely, regardless of their age, gender or where they come from. Many Vietnamese electronic artists have been trying to put out amazing music without the platform or support to do so. To be able to represent these artists, help them perfect their craft, and showcase their music to the world, would be our pleasure", says Hot Panda Media CEO and Xichlo Recordings founder Dong Nguyen.

Xichlo’s debut single 'On the Internet' comes from Steji, a young and budding bass house and EDM producer who’s delivered a ripper of a dance floor track while forming a sharpshooting trajectory for the label.

Also billed on the roster and who we expect to hear from in the near future are D-Tek, Monotape, BeepBeepChild, GET LOOZE and Tenkitsune.

Steji 'On the Internet' is out now on Xichlo Records. Check it out below.