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A new book is spotlighting 95 pioneering women of electronic music

Composers from across the globe will feature

  • 19 June 2021
A new book is spotlighting 95 pioneering women of electronic music

A new book documenting the women who drove electronic music forward is set to be released next month.

A Short History of Electronic Music and its Women Protagonists by Johann Merrich will be available on July 1, spotlighting 95 composers from across the globe and their contributions to electronic music’s development and change.

Delia Derbyshire [pictured], Pauline Oliveros, Lucie Rosen, Hilda Diandi, and a number of other innovative composers will be featured in the book which is being published by Amazon. Exploring artists hailing from Russia, India, Japan, Europe and North and Latin America, it dives into archives and makes previously unavailable research and studies available to the public.

"In its digital form, the history of the work of women in electronic music is separated from the male world, thus continuing on the path of exclusion and resolving the complexity of the issue in a handful of names disconnected from the broader picture, the "young" age of electronic music – together with the traditional privilege granted by historians to the productions of North America and some European countries – contribute in obstructing the drafting of an equal, diagonal and comprehensive understanding of this topic,” a press release announcing the book says.

In 2019, the book was released on Italian. July 1 marks the first time the book will be available in English, as the Mariann Stegmann Foundation worked to bring the translation to English-speaking audiences.

Heroines of Sound Festival also aided the development of the new edition, with this year’s festival lined up for 1 - 4 July.

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