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Conceptual design project from Barcelona introduces the "modular DJ console"

A possible look into the ever-changing future of music tech

  • Miki Kitasako
  • 6 June 2023
Conceptual design project from Barcelona introduces the "modular DJ console"

With an abundance of consoles and gear coming out each year, it’s quite hard to keep in the loop with the latest tech — unless you’re one of our avid readers then rest assured you’re keeping up to date.

Marko Filipic, Co-founder and Designer of Barcelona-based Watif Design Agency, has come up with a concept which allows you to select what you need on a deck and customise its placement according to your needs.

This modular DJ deck, though still a concept, is a possible look into the future of music tech. Filipic took apart a Pioneer DJ console and attached mini connectors which allow DJs to arrange crossfaders next to hot cue buttons, or the loop controls next to the Isolator EQ — the possibilities are almost endless and can even be ideally designed for left-handed selectors.

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There are two parts which seem to be permanent fixtures located on the left and right ends, while the rest of the buttons in the middle such as faders, knobs and dials are customizable.

Artists who enjoy a variety of different sounds during their live shows might appreciate the different configurations depending on the type of set they’re playing that night.

The perks of this would be not having to constantly buy a new console every few years. When an upgrade comes out, simply buy the needed parts (which also makes it more sustainable!).

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Its current design features a simple white minimalist look, a somewhat polar opposite look to the typical DJ controllers that are in the market. However, there is a black-coloured alternative for those who prefer darker tones.

The console also features no lettering or markers, which seems to be an ongoing trend that has been popular.

Via Behance & Yanko Design

Miki Kitasako is Mixmag Asia’s Social Media and Content Producer, follow her on LinkedIn.

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