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​Watch 7-year-old DJ Little Ale throw down a house & techno set at Wonderfruit

The Bali-based DJ and soon-to-be producer specializes in deep house, techno and Brazilian bass

  • Mixmag Asia Staff
  • 2 March 2017
​Watch 7-year-old DJ Little Ale throw down a house & techno set at Wonderfruit

DJ Little Ale is just 7 years old and she’s already played a primetime Saturday slot at Wonderfruit Festival. Also while most girls her age are playing with dolls, Ale has upped the ante even more by recently stepping into the recording studio.

This doesn’t come out of nowhere; Bali-based Ale has been watching her dad DJ for as long as she can remember and even followed him to Cocoon Beach Club. The Lebanese-born Swedish DJ and producer plays tech house, tribal, progressive and psytrance in clubs and festivals across Europe, North Africa and Asia for 20 years.

She stepped up to the plate herself at a wedding and wowed the guests with Brazilian bass playlist. A video of the set went viral and even caught the attention of Brazilian talents Alok, Dubdogz and Bhaskar with the latter even sending her unreleased music for her sets.

Ale was billed on the line-up of DJs playing Rainforest Pavilion at Wonderfruit, along with names like Small & Tall Soundsystem, Zig Zach, Halim Ardie and more. Learn about the Rainforest Pavilion at Wonderfruit here.

Look out for big things coming up from Little Ale, who was recently signed to record label Bali Praia, but for now watch her DJ at Wonderfruit below where she throws down tunes from artists like Damian Lazarus and Dubdogz. You can also follow her on Facebook here.

Even good DJ needs a lot of practice and DJ Little Ale is starting young thanks to music sent to her from Bhaskar.