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Newcomer Uzu Moon dazzles with the soul-soothing textures of 'Paradise Forever'

The Amsterdam-based artist arrives with a scintillating vinyl debut on Fluid Funk

  • Patrizio Cavaliere
  • 3 December 2021
Newcomer Uzu Moon dazzles with the soul-soothing textures of 'Paradise Forever'

Dutch/Japanese-American newcomer Uzu Moon marks his debut on Rotterdam-based Fluid Funk Records with a gorgeously immersive EP that belies his lack of release experience.

The young producer and DJ released his debut digital EP last year, and his 'Paradise, Forever' vinyl bow is genuinely impressive considering how early in his production career it arrives. The Fluid Funk label are no strangers to offering a platform to burgeoning talent and appear to be particularly tuned-in to scouting upcoming creators with a flair for musicality. Uzu Moon says he was compelled into studio action by the impeccable MPC wizardry of J-Dilla and frequent collaborator, Madlib. Despite these hip hop leanings, the music he presents on 'Paradise, Forever' seems more rooted in dreamy deep house and Balearic sunset soundtracks. At least part of this sensual aesthetic can be attributed to music forged in a country with which he shares lineage, Japan. “Around the time that I was working on this track I was listening to a lot of Japanese ambient and jazz – artists like Hiroshi Satoh.” he said of one of the EP's standout cuts, 'Sunder, Love'. “I wanted to blend that nocturnal, 80’s vibe with different elements of acid, R&B and funk.”

The music is elegant throughout while – thanks in no small part to the recurring use of bubbling acid motifs – retaining just enough grit to propel global dancefloors. Inspired by feelings of "transformation and acceptance" he encountered during the compositional period, the lavish chords, intelligent structure, and gentle melancholy of the music make the EP powerfully memorable. The EP also features a dance-ready rework from UK powerhouse, Cody Currie, who offers a subtly refined interpretation of 'Sunder, Love' that stays true to the intention of the original. Endowed with enough honey to appeal to lovers of the tropical house sound while deep enough to satisfy discerning sundown jocks, this is spellbinding work from the talented young artist.

You can listen to 'Sunder, Love' here, taken from the EP 'Paradise, Forever':

Uzu Moon's 'Paradise, Forever' is out now, you can buy it here

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