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Spotify is rumoured to be working on a "remix" tool for Premium users

A leaked report suggests the tool will allow users to "speed up, mash-up and otherwise edit" music without leaving the platform

  • 21 April 2024
Spotify is rumoured to be working on a "remix" tool for Premium users

Spotify is reportedly working on a "remix" feature that will allow users to speed up and edit tracks, without ever leaving the app.

According to an exclusive by the Wall Street Journal, the tool will allow users to "speed up, mash-up and otherwise edit" their favourite tracks.

Users will also be able to save their edits for repeat listening, however, Spotify has said that user-generated remixes will not be shareable on third-party services.

WSJ has reported that the tools are likely to become available via Spotify's standard Premium subscription though there's been no official announcement yet from Spotify and it remains unclear when the tool will become available to subscribers.

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The popularity of 'Sped-up' songs has been increasing in recent years, with many publications accrediting TikTok which has been responsible for countless trends since the platform's ascent to social media stardom in 2018.

However, The Guardian reports the "speed-song" trend may have origins in nightcore, a sound said to have been pioneered by two Norwegian students.

Regardless, the popularity of this trend in music has even prompted artists to release sped-up and slowed-down versions of their songs, leading Spotify to even offer algorithmically generated playlists accommodating listeners of 'Speed songs'.

Despite this, 'Speed-up' songs present a copyright challenge for performers and labels who often don't see any revenue from the modified music, reports The Verge.

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In contrast, the article suggests Spotify's approach may tackle the issue by allowing 'Speed-music' to listen to their favourite tracks through the streaming site.

The ability to speed up videos is already available on several platforms including Netflix and YouTube for some time.

TikTok rolled out a new playback speed feature for video last year, alongside scrubbing, "clear display", pinch and zoom, "picture-in-picture", auto-scroll and more.

At the time of writing, there is currently no playback speed feature available on Soundcloud, Apple Music or Amazon Music, making the move from Spotify a revolutionary one in the realm of music streaming.

Belle Richardson is Mixmag's Digital Intern, follow her on Twitter.

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