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​Tzusing's Sea Cucumber label releases a sonic love letter to Taipei club FINAL

The 5-track compilation spotlights experimental Taiwanese talents

  • Olivia Wycech
  • 25 March 2023
​Tzusing's Sea Cucumber label releases a sonic love letter to Taipei club FINAL

Tzusing has put together a five-song project that's intended to be a love letter to FINAL, a club for subcultures in Taipei.

The independent curation, called FINAL Taipei Compilation, is an exploration of local experimental electronic talent and "peaks into the underbelly of Taipei's futurist music scene." The artists featured on the compilation represent Taipei's underground music scene, and make regular appearances at the club. They are B E N N, jondu, Lujiachi, Meuko! Meuko! and Sandy's Trace, and each of their contributions to the album strings together deconstructed electronic beats into music for club land.


01. Sandy's Trace 'Beholden'
02. jondu 'Cleft Broker'
03. Lujiachi 'Flames'
04. Meuko Meuko - 'Rebels of the Neon God'
05. B E N N 'Of Faith'

The compilation was curated by Tzusing and FINAL founder Hsu Chieh (許傑), who opened the club exactly four years ago (the celebrated their fourth anniversary last weekend with a string of events, including a release part for the comp). The subversive nightclub is located in Taipei's Da'an District and operates in the space within Taipei's rich subculture communities. Its music policy favors new, experimental talent and it only promotes events in Mandarin to "keep the family close". The result has assembled a young renegade of contemporary Taiwanese artists.

"At Final, we strive to create new possibilities. While we screw up sometimes, when we get it right, it's pure magic," reads the compilation description. "This pursuit brings us a lot of hope, pain, and joy. But in this struggle, we are able to meet many like-minded friends and build a community. This compilation is dedicated to Taipei. Inside is the work of five artists who are very dear to us, and who represent the sound of Final."

"I think FINAL can really put Taiwan on the map a bit more as far as making more cutting-edge electronic music," adds Tzusing.

FINAL Taipei Compilation is out now via Sea Cucumber. But it here.

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