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Holidaymakers could face a "villa shortage" in Ibiza this year, warns Balearic president

Visitors are set to be expected to pay a "visitor tax" when arriving on the White Isle this Summer

  • Gemma Ross
  • 29 May 2023
Holidaymakers could face a "villa shortage" in Ibiza this year, warns Balearic president

Tourists heading to Ibiza this summer could run into difficulties securing accommodation, the President of the Balearics has warned.

Francina Armengol said in an interview published Wednesday, May 24 that accommodation shortages will affect each of the Balearic islands this summer, including Ibiza, Mallorca and Menorca.

In an interview with Expansion, Armengol expressed that the opening of any new tourist accommodation across the Balearics would be curbed in an effort to reduce heavy tourism throughout the summer months, driving up the prices for locals.

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“We propose zero growth in tourist, hotel and vacation rental places, maintaining the ban on vacation rentals in multi-family homes and to fight against illegal offers [of accommodation],” she said (via i News).

“We want to start buying obsolete one and two-star hotels to eliminate them or convert them into officially protected housing.”

The plan follows a bill passed in 2022 capping the expansion and growth of tourist accommodation, which has caused a housing crisis across the Balearics.

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Tourism tax will also be put in place this year for those travelling to the White Isle. During the high season, the tax will go up to €4 per night, and applies to anyone over the age of 16.

Locals have urged for even higher tourist tax to reduce the number of people travelling to the islands in summer months. Local party Més per Mallorca called for a 60% rise in the tourist tax, and asked for more investment in research and development.

Speaking to i News, Més per Mallorca’s Lluis Apesteguia explained: “We would increase the tourist tax by 60 per cent and make €500m (£435m) per year from this which would be used to buy hotels and reduce the number of tourist beds by 1,200.”

[Via i News]

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