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Immersive exhibition blends technology with nature in the mountains of Taiwan

The MOTUS International Fulldome Festival highlights conservation through multi-media

  • Patrizio Cavaliere
  • 23 March 2020
Immersive exhibition blends technology with nature in the mountains of Taiwan

Set in the stunning mountains of Alishan, Taiwan, The MOTUS Fulldome Festival invites artists from around the world to participate, engage, and share ideas as part of a bold and exciting new project. Organised by The Rebalance Renaissance Group, the exhibition uses the latest technology to highlight the “wisdom of nature and the environment”.

The festival is an extended exhibition incorporating a 10-meter high geodesic dome, inside which artists will screen their work on a 360-degree screen, fusing visual art with music, and with a strong message of conservation and sustainability. “The group's mission is to blend the eight elements of eco-conservation: culture, arts, learning, wellness, appreciation, science & technology, and sharing, into unique art and lifestyle experiences,” said event organiser Corbett Wall.

The festival site is in an indigenous tribal village called Laiji, in Alishan, Taiwan – home exclusively to some 200 members of the Cou Tribe. The setting is decidedly remote, with the nearest gas station or convenience store 45 minutes away, and the largest nearby town two hours away. The dome was constructed on a beautiful plot of land under the highest mountain in the area, and one which is sacred to the Cou Tribe, Mount Ta.

The event is an open invitation to participants from around the world and will be hosting work by participants from Argentina, France, Brazil, Canada, Chile, and Taiwan, including Alejandro Rodriguez, Alex Beim, Jeremy Oury, Ricardo Tapia Fernandez, Jocelyn Esparza Ponce, Lucas De Marziani, Leandro Mendes, Samuel Greffe-Bellanger, Brigitte Poupart, and Adrian Giordano.

Organiser Corbett has previously held senior roles at AEG and Cirque du Soleil, working with top-level artists and digital creators along the way. “I started to think about ways to create a platform to showcase their talent in a way that was different and more intimate, less commercial than say promoting Jennifer Lopez or a Cirque tour. I felt strongly about creating experiences that also have a connection with nature, especially in our tech-driven world."

The members of the Cou tribe gave their blessing to the festival taking place in their home, and Corbett and his team are working on leaving a lasting legacy to the local residents. It became apparent that many of the younger members of the tribe end up leaving the community in search of work and education in the cities, and this is something the organisers are eager to address. As Corbett told us, “apart from promoting events like this festival, we’re also committed to building a sustainable learning and employment platform that provides opportunities for these young people so they have a reason to return to their beautiful mountain."

Pulling off something as adventurous as this project has not been easy. The outbreak of the COVID-19 virus caused the team to think long and hard before eventually deciding to go ahead with the event, and, in keeping with their project, they looked to nature to help guide with the decision. On the morning of the festival opening, there was a torrential rainstorm, but the gods smiled on the team just at the right time. “As the guests, villagers and VIPs arrived, the blue sky opened up and two eagles soared above us”, Corbett told us. “The tribal leaders blessed our dome, the school kids shared their songs, and the festival began."

Finally, Corbett shared with us what he considers to be unique about the festival, “everyone involved believes in the concept of sharing their professional abilities and experiences for a greater good”, he said. “Everyone that’s working on this project has volunteered their time and energy to make it happen. I’m so grateful to be working alongside village tribesman, the local youth, the school and church, our volunteers, sponsors, and all the friends who have made this come true."

The Motus International Fulldome Festival will run from March 15 until June 30 at MOTUS Art Space in Laiji, Alishan, Taiwan. You can find more information here

[Images by Dogrush]

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