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​The Jazz Diaries ‘Chalo’ is a charity compilation with a South Asian twist

"Made with love. Music for moments in space and time."

  • Waiying Ho
  • 9 November 2020
​The Jazz Diaries ‘Chalo’ is a charity compilation with a South Asian twist

India’s electronic and experimental music spheres have been rightfully carving out a piece of the global spotlight for itself, and The Jazz Diaries, amongst other labels, are certainly making it known that there’s a plethora of music being offered by the Subcontinent.

The Jazz Diaries ‘Chalo’ is a multi-artist album packed with 28 tunes curated into a unique and diverse playlist, that touches on jazz, lo-fi, hip hop, eclectic, percussive house and some tasty bites of genre-defying fusion.

Armed with diverse music along with a celebration of culture and creativity, the compilation’s net proceeds will support the Human Rights Law Network (HRLN) and Zindagi Trust — the label’s mission and coverage through this album unites artists from India, Pakistan and Kashmir. The HRLN spans a web of social movements, activists, NGOS and key legal representatives across 24 out of India’s 29 states. The second cause being supported through this album is Zindagi Trust, an NGO that strives, through lobbying, to better the quality of education for children in Pakistan.

In addition to being released with a limited edition vinyl release that hits record stores in December, ‘Chalo’ will also be offering prints, artworks a video documentary about the backgrounds and influences of the artists — the project culminates with an 8-part podcast series featuring discussions with various artists from Pakistan and India.

The label’s slogan is ‘Made with love. Music for moments in space and time.’

You can find out more about Human Rights Law Network here and Zindagi Trust here.

The Jazz Diaries ‘Chalo’ is out now and you can buy and listen to it here.