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The Asia Diaries

The Asia Diaries: Nicole Moudaber

Follow Nicole through two months off in Thailand and Bali

  • Mixmag Asia Staff
  • 14 March 2017
The Asia Diaries: Nicole Moudaber

The Asia Diaries gives Mixmag readers a behind the scenes look at how music industry professionals unwind in Asia and this time we see Lebanese-Nigerian techno queen Nicole Moudaber step up to the plate when she took some well deserved time off in Asia surrounding her gig at Wonderfruit. She spent just about two months in Thailand and Bali where she swapped out A&R for R&R and got down with the locals and their way of life.

"Cooking the mighty Hell Pasta in Phuket, Thailand. The heat was so real...I breathed fire w every bite."

"Cool, Clear waters off the coast of Surat Thani Province, Thailand..."

"Beach bum at heart!! Could never be away from sun and sand for too long. This is where I belong."

"Physical strength in a woman - that’s what I am #tinaturner "

"Saying Hi to Saraswati, goddess of music, arts, and wisdom at the Himalaya Ashrama in Bali."

"Part dog part wolf! My fierce protector and loyal snuggler in Bali."

"Getting down and dirty helping the ladies prepare Indonesia’s most exquisite coffee, Kopi Luwak."

"One more time: “roast toast dip oil toast repeat” and keep those magic juices coming!"

"Palm reading in Bali...he said that I’m on the right path, doing what I love... duh"

"Are we gonna let the elevator bring us down? Oh, no, Let's Go! #Prince "

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