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Teenage Engineering announces new portable field recorder, TP-7

The perfect device for on-the-go producers, operable with one hand

  • Waiying Ho
  • 24 May 2023
Teenage Engineering announces new portable field recorder, TP-7

Introducing TP-7, the new portable field recording device from Teenage Engineering. It comes in the shape of a tiny, tape-style recorder with conveniently-placed controls that can be operated with just one hand.

Previously the Swedish electronics company released the CM-15 microphone, the portable TX-6 mixer and multi-channel interface plus the OP-1 field synth. With the presence of the new TP-7 sound recording and battery-powered music studio Teenage Engineering’s “field series” is complete.

Designed to house up to 128 gigabytes of sound in high-quality resolution and run on seven hours of battery life, it becomes the perfect device for on-the-go producers in capturing field recordings.

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The three main buttons (Record-Stop-Play) are located at the bottom, below the motorised tape reel that spins when recording or replaying. It also functions as a pause button during recording sessions; simply tap and hold for as long as you want it not to record.

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TP-7 also features haptic feedback so you’ll know what’s happening as you hold it in the palm of your hand. Offering multiple connectivity options (USB-C, Bluetooth and MFi), TP-7 also comes with a 1/4" headphone adapter, a braided USB-C cable and a reusable plastic storage box.

Another useful feature it boasts is the ability to auto-transcribe, turning audio into text by using the official TP-7 app.

Learn more about Teenage Engineering’s TP-7 here.

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